If you love playing games and want to get paid to do it without having to start a business from scratch with Twitch or YouTube, here are some websites to try:

Gamer Sensei

With Gamer Sensei, you can get paid to coach people to get better at competitive video games.

You can set your own pay rate, but some report (on Glassdoor) making as much as $41/hour coaching here.


At Modsquad, you can get paid to moderate gaming communities, streams, test games, etc.

It's a company that specializes in moderation services.

Reviews on Glassdoor say you could earn earn somewhere between $15-$38/hour.


At Netflix, they have a game division now that sometimes hires people to be Game Ratings Strategists.

These jobs involve playing games, rating them for proper ages, and reviewing different aspects of the games for quality.

Here's an example.

Playtest Cloud

At Playtest Cloud, you can get paid $9 per 15 minute mobile game test that you do on your phone.

If you like mobile games, this could be a great site to check out.


At PlayerAuctions, you can get paid to sell gaming accounts for over 200 games.

They have great reviews, security, and they make sure both parties are happy with each sale.

One Up

OneUp is an e-sports app that lets you bet against other gamers for cash prizes, video games 1v1 betting ($25 each), as well as tournaments.

The company takes about a 10% commission off each transaction.

You get paid via bank account or PayPal.

You also get paid in 2-3 business days or instantly with a 10% fee.


Quiiiz allows you to play sports trivia games and get paid if you know more than your opponents.


With InboxDollars, you have lots of options to make money online.

You can get paid to play lots of different games, watch videos, take surveys, do company offers, surf the web, and more.


With FeaturePoints, you can get paid to play games by downloading them through their app and trying them for a few minutes.

You can get paid to take surveys, shop online and do many other things as well.


Swagbucks pays you via PayPal or gift cards to play games, watch videos, search the web, shop online, take surveys, discover deals, and refer friends.

It also has an app available for both Android and iPhone.


QuickRewards is another get-paid-to (GPT) site like InboxDollars or Swagbucks.

Here, you can earn money by watching videos, doing surveys, playing games, shopping online, referrals, offers, and visiting websites.

There is no minimum threshold for cashing out via PayPal, but it is $5 if you choose a gift card instead.

They also pay you within 24 hours of you completing the specified online task.

For their referral program, you can earn $3 for every person you refer.

It's not considered a successful referral unless the person referred cashes out their first $3.

You also need to be in the U.S. or Canada to use QuickRewards.

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