1. Test Websites for Bugs

At a site like Test.io, you can get paid to $15-$50 for every bug that you find on a website or app.

They pay via PayPal within a month.

2. Test Mobile Games

At PlayTest Cloud, you can get paid $9 for every 15 minute mobile game you play and test on your Apple or Android mobile device.

3. Moderator

At a site like ModSquad, you can get paid to moderate online communities part-time from anywhere in the world.

You also get to set your own schedule and make around $20-$25/hour, according to Glassdoor.

4. Search Engine Evaluator

As a Search Engine Evaluator at sites like Welocalize, you can get paid to review the relevance of search results to search queries.

They let you make your own schedule and work part-time without experience.

They seem to pay between $10 and $30/hour.

5. Rent Out Your Car

At a site like Turo, you can make an extra $10,516/year or so for each car you rent out to others.

Everything will be insured and you will be earning passive income from your vehicle when you aren't using it.

6. Put Ads On Your Car

If you don't mind putting advertisement decals on your vehicle, you can get paid up to $452/month or so via Wrapify.

This, of course, is passive income becuase you would just go about your daily life except with ads displayed on your car.

7. Rent Out Your Parking Space

If you have a spare place for people to park, you can rent that out when you aren't using it using Spacer.

WIth Spacer, you can average around $450/month on the side in passive income by just letting people park in your space that you aren't using.

8. Done-For-You Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing can take a lot of research unless you use a service like Fundrise.

At Fundrise, you can average around 4.81% returns per year, while public REITs average around 4.21% and public stocks average around 2.03% (according to their website).

Plus, all the property investments and research are done by them instead of you.

9. Done-For-You Stock Investing

You might also look into a done-for-you stock and bond investing service called Acorns.

Here, they take your spare change and invest it in a diverse way to help you build your portfolio without having to think a lot or research stocks all the time.

10. Data Collection Apps

One weird way to make an extra $50/year per app is with data collection apps like Nielsen Mobile.

This is the same Nielsen that has done TV ratings for decades, so they are a reputable company.

With their free app, you can get paid to let it collect data anonymously in the background while you use your phone as usual.

This data is safe and used for market research purposes.

11. Get Paid To (GPT) Apps

With GPT apps like FeaturePoints, you can get paid a few extra dollars here and there to do things like surveys, try out free apps, do free trials, and more.

I also like how FeaturePoints pays you quickly and has many cashout options like gift cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin.

12. Cashback Services

With sites like Rakuten, you can earn up to 10% cashback or more on your purchases online.

You can also refer others to make more money as well.

It definitely beats the cashback you would get on credit cards, which might average around 1-3%.

13. Focus Groups

At-home focus groups can be found at User Interviews.

This site allows you to basically take surveys and answer questions about different things for some very solid compensation.

Many of these surveys pay around $1 per minute of your time or up to around $100 for one hour.

14. Sell Study Documents

With Studypool, you can get paid passive income to upload your old school study documents and let other people use them.

You get paid up to $10 every time someone views them and each can be viewed an unlimited number of times!

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