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How to start:


  • DRIP BUDDY CODE: 0x56A2554c4bd9C68852677EfD7A6D35D03e831caC




  • FARMS:


Piggy Plinko

  • People can buy tokens directly on the site and start playing because of the fiat on ramp
  • Week after fiat on ramp is put on the website, test net will be for Piggy Plinko
  • Week after, launch date announcement and referrals
  • You will be able to trade and sell downlines
  • They will pay streamers upfront for a contract to stream for a certain period of time and also get referral codes
  • All on chain, verifiable, open source
  • Texas Hold’Em should be next game
  • They can make other games very quickly with the foundation set now
  • To refer on centralized systems, you have to apply, You don’t have to apply with Animal Farm

Products in the Works

  • Single Asset Lending
  • Drip stuff
  • Super chat

Fiat On Ramp

  • Should be live on Animal Farm next  Thurs
  • AFP, AFD, BNB, BUSD can be purchased
  • Potentially partner tokens can be purchased here too with no KYC
  • This could also make us more money as well from fees of people buying other project tokens
  • The bank relationship for this is unique and many projects don’t have access to something like this. It gives AF lots of customization options.
  • People will want to use our platform just because of the fiat on ramp because of the freedom of no KYC
  • Forex Shark did a LIVE transaction on the fiat on ramp with a verifiable transaction hash
  • Most likely, anyone else that uses this service will be onboarded by Animal Farm and therefore will boost the platform
  • May not work in countries with global sanctions, should work otherwise
  • Can use some prepaid cards if they have 3ds security
  • Can use credit or debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, etc.
  • Just waiting on API keys to put it on the site (likely by Tues. on site by Thurs.)
  • Buys directly off PancakeSwap and goes directly to your wallet
  • No one else offers this! It’s the best and that’s why it took so long to build.
  • There is an off ramp and you can have loadable cards

Single Asset Lending Product:

  • Lend to bridge or to index (kind of like S&P)
  • This can also be compounded, turned into BUSD, and injected into Pig Pen

Animal Farm General

  • You can buy ownership and value in the platform
  • Now the focus is to create products and services to add value to the platform and therefore to the owners staked in Animal Farm
  • The owners of the platform will benefit from all the products, services, and partnerships coming out in the future


Drip Drop Draw

  • Finally going to start marketing
  • There has never been any fees or marketing budget for DRIP
  • Rewards people that sacrifice DRIP to the tax vault, people have been doing that already
  • Whitepaper is done
  • It’s like a lottery system that supports the price of DRIP
  • The product is not only great but will drive more traffic to the DRIP site
  • 1% dev fee for marketing
  • Nothing is replacing the current Faucet
  • Each ticket is $1 BUSD to keep ticket costs stable
  • Can use BUSD, DRIP or BNB to do DDD (turns BNB & BUSD into DRIP)
  • All earnings eventually end up locked in the Faucet
  • Sacrifice =  higher risk, higher reward, no stake, more supportive of DRIP
  • OR you can get tickets for staking
  • You can play with as little as $1 or 1 ticket
  • 20% BONUS in tickets to deposit BUSD or BNB instead of DRIP
  • Referring people earns you more tickets (5% rewards in tickets)
  • Infuencer has to participate (change in whitepaper on Sacrifice Side: Tokenomics)
  • Biggest chance to win comes from buying fresh DRIP with BUSD or BNB  and sacrificing it
  • Next biggest chance is sacrificing existing DRIP
  • Next: depositing BUSD or BNB into stake
  • Lowest chance: staking DRIP into DDD

DRIP General

  • Almost 2 years of paying 1%
  • Outperformed all major altcoins because you have to factor in, not just price but yield
  • Probably getting a launch date in next DRIP chat (3/30/23?)


Piggy Plinko

  • This game is impossible to corrupt and verifiably fair
  • Other games make users pay oracle fees
  • They have long waiting periods and they don’t scale, so there hasn’t been mass adoption.
  • VRF calls process a massive amount of bets with one call. Longest is 4-6 seconds to wait for results on bet.
  • Cheaper costs for users outside of betting.
  • A lot of users only wait 1-3 seconds to see their return.
  • Feels like a centralized model but with all the benefits of defi, verified proof, etc.
  • There is no way to verify the house edge or fairness with centralized. You take their word for it.
  • You can get a key from the VRF call and go verify yourself what the house edge and randomness of the result is.
  • Users split the cost of VRF calls and it makes it much cheaper.
  • Pretty much mathematically impossible for there to not be enough money to cover bets for users. There should never be a failed bet. Edge cases have also been planned for.
  • Animation plays out as you get result of the game to simulate your results for a great experience.
  • Stake earns about 5% of $12 billion per week
  • Same quality gameplay, less house edge, crypto options, customizable, verified fairness
  • Has a huge referral program that he can’t leak because someone else could steal it. You can essentially trade or sell  downlines. He can’t talk about how it works yet,
  • With DeFi, you can automate a lot of what it takes to run platforms like these, therefore it is cheaper for the game and the referral system.
  • DOG mode you lose 10% less on losing modifier.  You earn 10% more on winning modifier.
  • Pig mode, you get 2 pigs slightly angled to make a higher probability to win higher prizes.
  • People don’t need to know DeFi to play and enjoy the game
  • They won’t do a big beta test because they want to have the first time people play to be amazing. There will be a limited test for DAO members.

Fiat On & Off Ramps

  • First purchases have been made with fiat on ramp
  • Trying to get fiat on ramp live on last week of March
  • Minimum for fiat on ramp is like $10 or less
  • Off ramp: you can connect bank account to exchange or get a loadable credit card


  • BUSD strongest stablecoin in the world because it is backed by Binance, which is strongest in the industry.
  • They could do 5-6 products in the next month but they would all underperform. They have to spread them out for proper promotion.
  • Never lost investor capital.

Texas Hold’Em

  • Texas Hold’Em will be next game
  • Verifiably fair with digital assets
  • Top FTX executive could play online poker in god mode and see other people’s cards on one of top platforms


Piggy Plinko

  • Just as good as other Plinko games but proven cryptographic evidence of fairness.
  • Slight house edge over time.
  • Competition earns $100 millions per month with games like these and they don’t verify it’s not rigged.
  • 4 tokens to start: AFD, AFP, BUSD, BNB, prizes paid in token wagered or more if using DOGS (10% more)
  • Check Twitch or YouTube for Plinko players. You can do that too.
  • Play without KYC, with Stake and Roombet, you have to KYC.
  • Creates BUSD cashflow for ecosystem and Pig Pen, removes those PIGS from circulation and they can never be added back in, so further deflationary. The same goes for DOGS earned by the house.
  • Slight house edge of about 2%
  • Max bet size grows as bankroll grows to keep it sustainable
  • Different settings that let you build a strategy
  • Docs today, Demo Thursday, following week update the UI with a game tab with all promotional material, 2 weeks out we push test net, then we release a launch date with 2 weeks of marketing
  • Automatic stop options for losses or profits.
  • Marketing 15% – specifically for finding influencers to stream games
  • Dev Fee 35% – for high quality developers to come to the team
  • Oracle Fee 10%
  • Pig Pen Injections 40%
  • Also a referral structure
  • Usually like 90-95% of profits go to owners of platform
  • Can get involved with credit or debit card
  • Never selling AFP or AFD to sustain the game
  • Players and Pig Pen are primary beneficiaries
  • AFD token is benefiting from cashflow of BNB & BUSD


Altcoin Buzz interview going live tomorrow at 10 AM EST.



  • They are scaling up social media posts to multiple times per day on platforms like Twitter
  • Multiple articles went up with Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, etc.
  • Contest got like 2,000 new Instagram followers, lots of new Telegram members and Facebook engagement – The goal was to get more followers for this one.
  • The next contest will specifically be to support AFD
  • Switched over to Hootsuite to manage all social media accounts in one place
  • Altcoin Buzz interview is also coming out soon

Single Asset Lending

  • Stargate, Multichain, Seller will be used. Fully decentralized, non-custodial, been around for years
  • They will also leave it open to other possible bridges in the future
  • Will allow it to be flexible and evolve over time.
  • He explains how this will be implemented without risking security
  • There isn’t anything that gives the same utility as this will
  • You’ll get compound interest in stablecoins while always getting the best rate
  • This will also reduce AFD inflation and increase deposit and withdrawal fees for cashflow of Pig Pen,.


  • New game: Piggy Plinko? It’s a Plinko game
  • Dogs Roulette didn’t fit UI, so they renamed it.
  • Documentation will be released next Tuesday
  • Still planning on getting it out in March
  • Can be used as a vehicle for streamers to make content
  • Stake or Roobet would be competitors, but this is decentralized completely
  • Meant to be just as good as centralized games
  • Has cryptographic proof of the fairness of the game. We don’t know if some online casinos are rigged
  • Sportsbooks limit you if you win too much, so there is probably a lot of unfairness in online casinos.
  • Trainwreck, Aden Ross, etc. stream these types of games and get paid millions because they bring on so many users.
  • AFP, AFD, BUSD, etc. can be used to bet. They can collect via what they bet with or AFD.
  • You can earn 10% bonus if they take money in AFD.
  • Percentage of the profit the game makes will be cashflow for Pig Pen, because we’re owners of the platform
  • Game will have a referral structure as well
  • It’s the first of a suite of 6 games that are planned

Fiat On Ramp

  • Coming to Animal Farm
  • Took a while because they had to pick the right one for what they wanted to do and find aa bank to do it
  • Development will be finished on March 6th
  • That’s also the last part of DRIP development

Launch Dates

  • Either everything will be live in March or there will be a launch date announced in March and will come out maybe the first week in April.
  • Probably launch date announcement 2nd week of March


  • Bringing on new developers and interviewing them for future projects
  • Seems like they found the right new developer to bring on
  • The hard part is finding the best people that can handle projects that have never been done before



  • New contest about to start paying USDT?
  • It will promote new AF social media accounts
  • Then there will be a AFD (DOGS) buying contest, % will be paid to winner
  • Interview coming with Altcoin Buzz?
  • Social media accounts are all set up and a big marketing push is about to start, took a while because they needed to keep identities out of them
  • Lots of ads going up, like on Brave browser, interviews coming, social media contest, etc.


  • Almost totally done
  • Just needs UI, landing page, media page, presale raising, and auditing
  • Mini DAO will involve R34P
  • Trying to get it out by end of April?

What if something happened to Forex Shark?

  • Everything is fully automated 7 open source
  • Marketing is also about to be mostly automated
  • No funds would be put at risk
  • He is fully committed


  • New products will increase cashflow going into injections
  • We also have dry powder to supplement with injections until products come out and while products are being launched
  • Injections are automated and Forex did a supplemental injection today 2/9/23
  • Single asset lending and Dogs Roulette are very close to being ready to deliver, which will create large cashflows to Dog Pound and PigPen
  • Millions of dollars in supplemental income for injections + core contracts until then
  • Some 3rd party projects we’re raising capital for in the near future
  • Not going to do a sports book, but someone else could make one using our tokens
  • Some stuff behind the scenes that requires on and off ramp for super chats
  • Everything built from now on will be for all of DeFi and add more money to AF & DRIP
  • Committed to privacy, gaming, lending, maybe insurance in the future
  • AF partnerships: lots of pitches, but most other projects are garbage, we only want quality and they need to make sense
  • Waiting for Scratchy for partnership vaults.
  • Reduced AF token risk, it was only high risk because they used Avenger DAO? to automatically audit tokens
  • DOGS Roulette will be able to add additional tokens but will start with AFD. People will buy in with BUSD. You can utilize your AFD for single plays. People who buy in bulk, get more for their money. BUSD is swapped with AFD. The system is fully sustainable, encourages fresh capital, lets you use AFD you have, and doesn’t sell AFD. It’s about a week away from being finished. Should launch in early March.

The state of the market

  • SEC meeting is going on, Kraken shutting down staking?
  • Staking might be cracked down on but would be bullish for us.
  • Enforceable only on big centralized platforms
  • This regulation drives the market into DeFi
  • It will leave fully open source, non custodial DeFi staking platforms
  • When Bitcoin hit 15,000-18,000, Forex thought that was the bottom
  • Bear market seems to be starting to turn around
  • SEC would regulate big exchanges with staking
  • DeFi platforms aren’t under US jurisdiction
  • They don’t have the will, reason, or resources to go after DeFi fully decentralized platforms that are fully run by the users
    FTX was a short term black eye on the market but long term is good for DeFi, JP Morgan said that too

Single Asset Lending

  • Aggregates across 3 bridges, Seller, Multichain, and Stargate to allow you to earn the highest possible yield for that asset
  • It will also swap you if you are already in a lower paying pool to get you in a higher paying one automatically
  • No other single asset lending models offer this
  • It compounds it as well as creates new cash flow for PigPen & Dog Pound
  • These can also earn you AFD
  • End of March or April

PigPen Auto Compounding

Auto Compounding PigPen could come in around the same time as single asset lending – will allow you to determine how much to compound vs collect


UI & On Ramp is 1-2 weeks away – late February, early March

Animal Farm

  • This is a multiyear project and is meant to be long term
  • There will be launches every other launch from March going into Fall, not including 
  • What DEX is worth to exchanges, new products at end of the year should have that big of an impact
  • V1 was in peak bull market, and was 700 million TVL first few weeks
  • The launch of v2 AF was very lucky with timing of the market
  • Might do some buybacks for AFD & AFP to balance with injections to help the prices
  • Fiat On Ramp up to $2,000 no KYC credit, debit, and gift card

DRIP Garden & Piggy Bank

  • Nothing to say about DRIP Garden. It’s a stand alone product that is doing its thing.
  • Both have element of speculation to them
  • Making DRIP & PIGS more valuable adds value to those products
  • They’re focused on just improving the atttactiveness
  • Piggy Bank is lower risk than DRIP Garden
  • DRIP Garden is highly speculative
  • They can only have a positive impact on the price of the assets
  • They are finished contracts.


  • Works well for DRIP but also limits with gatekeeping
  • DRIP referrals are great for a strong out of the box marketing system
  • AF will be better long term without such an aggressive referral structure



  • StableSwap is done. Final tests being done.
  • No deposit fee. There is a withdrawal fee. StableSwap model has been improved. Increased BUSD dividends for PigPen from this. Migrating gets you whitelisted from deposit fees.
  • PancakeSwap was a little late on notifying people about StableSwap migration, otherwise this would have already been done by now. But, we get a market edge because we were quick to adjust.
  • We had not had StableSwap pairs during holidays because of this but will again soon.
  • Increased APY for people who migrate quickly because these are technically new pools. It goes by capital and how many people are in the pool. The fewer, the higher the APY.
  • Stable pairs will have increased yield when migration happens.
  • This will migrate a significant amount of BUSD to PigPen.
  • Automated PigPen injections are coming soon and being developed.
  • DCAA has been updated.


  • DOGS token had correction. This was expected from 2-3 months. People sold that got DOGS in V1.
  • The DOGS price has been stabilized while still paying yield since the correction.
  • Usually there won't be a lot of new users during the holidays.
  • They want to increase yield after the first wave of dumpers got out.
  • They could 3x or more the price of DOGS right now with what they have, but are waiting another month or so to get rid of dumpers.
  • Dogs Roulette game supports DOGS in multiple ways removing them from circulation, simple and fun game for earning rewards, and encourages people to put BUSD into DOGS.
  • The contracts are largely built for the game already. They need to be tested and UI needs to be developed.

Dev Team

  • 4 man dev team working on DRIP. They've been working on it since mid December. They took off a week and a half for the holidays.
  • The team that built Scratchy and Animal Farm updates are wrapping up StableSwap migration updates.
  • They've never lost investor capital to a hack or anything else.
  • New DAO for Scratchy will be given a dedicated developer or two soon.
  • They're bringing on a new UI developer full time.
  • DRIP team will start on single asset lending after DRIP is done. They should be done around the middle of January.
  • Scratchy UI and contracts are finished. It just need cosmetic stuff and testing.
  • Animal Farm V2 2 man dev team is wrapping up StableSwap testing and date will be announced very soon.
  • This team will work on DOGS Roulette next.
  • There are about 8 total developers now.

The Future of 2023

  • Single asset lending could increase StableSwap earnings by up to 20%?
  • Individualized lending that will let people issue or take loans will be coming some time after all these things are done.
  • Interest rate will be determined by how many lenders and borrowers there are. Nothing like this exists yet.
  • They will be lending pools with lots of different assets supported.
  • Forex Shark wants to possibly build a DeFi gaming site with a suite of games that any DeFi project can use.
  • The games have to be fun to play (even if they didn't pay) and allow people to wager for digital assets.


  • There won't just be a UI update, but also an improved airdrop model.
  • You can airdrop people based on filters with one transaction.
  • There will be a landing page, a media page with things like YouTube videos, etc.
  • Forex Shark has never sold a single DRIP or taken a dev fee.
  • New analytical tools will be coming to DRIP as well.
  • There will be a much cleaner design.
  • Also, the Fiat On Ramp is coming for DRIP.
  • You can buy with debit/credit card, buying from our own DEX, reduce tax for people depositing into Faucet with fresh capital, etc.
  • You will now be able to swap any major token for DRIP across chains.
  • Tax will be less for people who stake directly into Faucet across chains.
  • They can also take fees from these updates for a marketing budget.
  • There is a game that will have DRIP utility coming around the end of January.
  • We will be benefiting a lot when the market turns around because we launched during a bear market.


  • They're going to start focusing more on less people with huge influence instead of lots of Youtubers with smaller followings.
  • 2 top 10 crypto influencers on YouTube are in talks to cover Animal Farm or talk to Forex Shark about current market conditions.
  • Forex Shark's status on ByBit is top 5 and he is going to use it for interviews with influencers.
  • it's an edge that we have over other projects out there.
  • There's a new software that will be used to do all the social media marketing. All Forex Shark has to do is sign off.

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