Here are 7 apps that pay you good money (some between $20 and $50 per hour) for both Android and iOS.

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1. TaskHuman

TaskHuman helps you make money from online coaching. Most coaches stick to something related to health and wellness.

You can earn $26.53 per hour on average.

2. GigWalk

With GigWalk, you get paid to go around town and help businesses.

You can get paid to do things like take pictures of a store's inventory of a certain item or give feedback on their customer service.

A gig can pay you up to $50 each and usually doesn't take very long to complete.

3. Chegg

If you are very good at a certain school subject and have more of a teaching background, you might try making money with Chegg.

Here you can chat with students on your desktop or mobile device and help them with a particular subject.

You get paid around $20 per hour.

4. EyeEm

At EyeEm, you can sell stock photos without having to be a professional photographer. This could actually be a great first step towards going pro later on.

With this app, you can sell each photo from your phone over and over again for passive income.

You a decent rate would be to charge around $10-$15 per photo.

5. Mobee

Mobee is very similar to GigWalk. You have an app where you can check for gigs around your area and you can do them to get paid.

With Mobee, the payout is up to $30 per gig.

6. Userfeel

Another fairly easy way to make extra money with phone is to get an app like Userfeel where you can be a tester.

Basically, this means you would test different apps or websites via your phone and get paid $10 each.

Each test usually takes 15-30 minutes and you get paid via PayPal at the end of each week.

7. OnSource

OnSource is a company that pays you to use their app to take pictures of car accidents or other things that an insurance company might need.

You get paid to $18 per inspection +mileage. Just look for the “Photo Inspector” job on the website and if you get approved, you can get the app and get to work.

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7 apps that pay you good money $20 $50 hour for android and ios

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    • Shina

      Hey, i like your posts and I will love to try them but the thing is I live in Nigeria and this type of apps only work for people in the US. Any suggestion about any of this apps, or any work from home jobs that doesn’t use PayPal as means of payment, that I can use to make mine here in Nigeria. I’ll really it if you see this and give me a feedback. Thanks.

    • Tyra Cunningham

      I love your post, I live in The United States. I’ve been looking for a stay at home job. But I need to update my laptop first to get stated than I’ll join and also get the headset aswell

    • Barry Wates

      I’m impressed, I think entrepreneurs Would enjoy different ways to make money, I think this is pretty creative, maybe you can search for people who buy programs and have a hard time setting up at the start, find a coach, mentor, to get the program off the ground/business for a very short time , Like two or Three weeks and ran a coach for one day up to three weeks. probably a big need Thanks

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      Wow very nice information ….. thanks for this complete information keep posting.

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      Appreciate if your recommendations are for worldwide users.

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