Starting a business is easier than ever in today's world where the internet dominates aspects of production, entertainment and social activity.

Sure, there are good and bad things that come with business startups, but yet more and more people are finding themselves attracted to the idea of being in charge of their lives.

If you ever find yourself wondering why you put up with your job or how come you never pursued your passion, starting a business may be the best thing that you could ever do.



Here's just a few reasons to start one online:


1. More Spare Time

This may not be the case at first, but if you stick with your business, you will eventually be able to automate or outsource tasks to create more free time. Working 8 hours a day doing something you hate, isn't the ideal life for most people.

They just tend to settle for less. I say screw settling for less, you and I have too much potential to do that. And if you start your business online, it'll be much easier to work it into your schedule while you still have a job, if you want to start out part time.

More spare time means more time with family, more time with friends, more time spent on your favorite hobbies… Who doesn't want that?


2. Job Security

Lets face it, searching for your next job sucks. If you've ever been laid off, fired or let go due to downsizing, you know what it is like to lose your job security and have to scramble to find another job to pay the bills.

When you have your own business, you never have to worry about someone else controlling your position. You are the boss and no one can lay you off, fire you or let you go for downsizing. You're always in control and aren't just another employee.


3. You Control Your Income

Have you ever felt like you were cheated out of a raise or were doing multiple jobs and getting paid for just one? When you're an employee, you can't control how much you get paid. It is the company's decision how much you're worth.

If you want to get a raise, it is usually a very small percentage of an increase. And if you want to move up the ladder to a better position, you have to wait for an opening or get more experience, which usually takes years. You're basically stuck.

If you are an entrepreneur, you can figure out what your income goals are and if you do the necessary work to reach them, you can be as wealthy as you want. You can always count getting paid what you're worth when you're in charge.


4. Creative Freedom

If you're like me, you like to use your imagination and figure out ways to improve anything you can, whether it is visually or productively. When you start a business you can create the logo, the name, the website, the product/service being sold, etc.

As an employee with a regular job, it's like having someone tell you what your house will look like, what size it is, what furniture you have and you get no say in the matter. When you're an entrepreneur, it's like designing and building your perfect dream home.

You get to do everything your way and use your imagination to its full potential.


5. A Story To Tell

Have you ever noticed how boring most people have it? Anytime I ever ask someone what they've been up to, they always say they've just been working. No one ever really wants to talk about what they do either because it is usually so boring.

When people ask me what I do for a living and I tell them about me being an entrepreneur, I always get more questions and interest about what I do than someone who has just an average job. People see you as a more interesting person a lot of times when you're a business owner.



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6. Your Brand

If you start a business, one thing you'll learn is how cool it is to be known for something. Whether you're the marketing expert, the king of home workouts or the queen of home remedies, it is hard to beat the feeling of being known as the go-to person in your niche.

When you're an entrepreneur, you build a brand over the years and if you make sure to keep it positive, people will gravitate towards you wanting to buy your products, ask for your advice or offer your opportunities that you never could have gotten before.


7. Making A Difference

I heard a quote once that went something like this:

“The amount of money you make is a direct reflection of how much value you're providing to the world.”

When you're an employee, you are basically just doing what you're told… Nothing more, nothing less. You usually are just doing tasks that the company needed to outsource, so it could save time and make more money.

It's hard to have much of an impact on peoples' everyday lives when you just have an average job. But, when you have a business, you have the chance to create jobs, fill a need in the marketplace, solve customers' problems, etc.

Take a look around you. Everything in the room started with an entrepreneur who had the idea to create and sell it. They're impacting millions of people and they get paid a lot of money because of it. To receive, you must give first.

You can help make the world a better place with your business especially if it's online, considering people outside of your country and become customers as well.


8. Reinvention

Many entrepreneurs end up starting and selling many different companies over the years. When you get good at starting and running businesses, you can start all kinds of businesses in different niches. You constantly get to reinvent yourself over the years.

If you are just an employee or just rely on a college degree, you probably won't have much of a chance to reinvent yourself or try new things over the years, even if your interests change.


9. Skills And Education

When you're starting out as an entrepreneur, one of your only assets is yourself and ability to learn new skills. A lot of times people don't have the startup money to outsource everything from the beginning so they are forced to sink or swim.

This may seem like a downfall of starting your own business, but I assure you it is actually a blessing. The more skills you have to learn and the more self education you go through, the more invaluable you are to any business.

In many cases, including my own, I like to learn how to do new things so that I can develop new skills if I ever need them in the future. Your skills can even benefit those around you in your personal life as well.

For instance, one very successful online marketing expert I know of, helped his young daughter win a fundraising competition at her school.


10. The Family Biz

We all want to give our families the best lives possible don't we? Well you can't exactly hire family or pass down a position as a waiter, bus driver or lawyer. But, with a business owner, you can pass down the empire you worked so hard on to your kids, so they can have a great future.

You can even retire your spouse from their day job that they may hate and just let them help you with your work, so you can spend more time together. This way, when you talk about work with each other your spouse actually knows what you're talking about.


11. New Challenges

What's the point in your career if everything is too easy? This is exactly what makes your day go by slow and creates a whole lot of boredom. The reason the entertainment industry is so big is because people have been proven to hate being bored.

Of course you usually can't be productive and watch movies or play video games at the same time, but you can make your work much more interesting by becoming an entrepreneur.

When you have a business, you're always facing new challenges and trying to improve. Trust me, it makes your day fly by and keeps you loving what you do.


12. Being In Two Places At Once

I titled this post “21 Reasons You Should Start A Business Online” because there are so many advantages to starting a business over having a job, but there are also a lot of advantages online businesses have over traditional ones.

One of the advantages to having an online business, is you can use cool tools, software, plugins, etc. to basically be in two or three places online at the same time. You can leverage these things to create automation for certain tasks your business requires.

You can do things like schedule and automatically send social media posts in bulk. You can automate what emails your leads receive and when they get them. There are all kinds of things you can automate without having to hire employees.


13. Networking

When you become an entrepreneur, you're bound to create a lot of new connections. Entrepreneurs love talking to other entrepreneurs about what is working, what doesn't and everything in between. You'll build some lasting relationships with other business owners, who are the only ones who really understand everything you do.

You may make some new best friends with other business owners and you may even be able to exchange some favors to help one another improve business. Rising tides raise all ships.


14. Developing Good Habits

Believe it or not, being forced to be responsible and improve as a business owner translates into your personal life as well. I used to have bad habits like procrastination, not doing what I was supposed to, being late, etc., but when I became an entrepreneur, I realized I had to change some things for the better.

Not only have I developed better habits that help me in my personal life, countless other entrepreneurs have confessed to similar improvements as well. So, not only can you make more money and love what you do, but you can create a better you.


15. Schedule Freedom

Tired of your work hours? Have you ever had to get up around 5:00 AM every morning? I've tried that and I don't miss it one bit. When you're a business owner (especially an online business owner), you get to set your own schedule the way that works best for you.

No more having to come in early or work late, like you had to do at your job. Now, you can go to bed at 2:00 AM and get up at 10:00 AM if you want, as long as you get your work done for the day.


16. Pride

When you own a business that you've put your heart and soul into, you can really feel a sense of pride in what you built. You took an idea from your imagination and turned it into a real, living, breathing business that is impacting thousands.

One of the best feelings in the world, I've noticed, is when you've created something that you are proud of. It's hard to do that from inside a cubicle when all you do is little tasks for your boss all day.


17. Recognition

Of course this is not the reason you should want to be a business owner, but getting recognized for your hard work is a great feeling. There are countless local, regional and national awards that recognize entrepreneurs for their work that could earn.

The world definitely appreciates its business owners, because without them, there would be no innovation, jobs or economies.


18. No Commute

One thing I love about having online businesses as opposed to traditional ones is that you get to work at home. When you start a business you can get a lot of your work done with just a good computer and a phone. This means you can ditch your commuting days.

Nobody likes having to find a job and then realizing the only one you can get hired for happens to be an hour or more or a drive one way. That's an extra 2 hours a day you're giving up just to get to and from work. You might as well be working 10 hours instead of 8.

The day is short enough as it is without the commute, but when you get to work on your business from home, this is not a problem you have to deal with anymore.


19. Work Attire

Also, when you work at home, unless you're on a webinar meeting, you don't have to worry too much about you work attire. So if you secretly love wearing Mickey Mouse PJs and bunny slippers, by all means wear them while you work if that's what's comfortable.

No more having to wear suits or stupid uniforms everyday when you become your own boss.


20. Home Office

When you have an internet-based business, there is no need to go pay for a lease, get office furniture, etc. Not only does this give you the freedom to have your regular household stuff accessible to you all day long, but you get to trick out your own home office.

I would say 99% of entrepreneurs are pretty darn creative, so when they get the chance to customize and build up a home office to their liking, they're going to have some fun with it. I know I definitely do.

It's fun creating the perfect work space for yourself that looks cool and allows you to be very productive.


21. Your Reason

That's just a few of the reasons I believe you should start your own online business, but it's really all about why you want to do it. What is your #1 reason for wanting to start your own business? Share it with us on social media and in the comments below. Can't wait to see it!


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