After a horrid start to the season, about to break an embarrassing record, the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers got some advice from Tony Robbins on how to turn things around and win their first game.

If you are struggling in anything in life, whether it is financially, in relationships, sports, etc., one man that is easily qualified to help you turn that around, is Tony Robbins. Chances are, you've heard of this incredible life coach.

For 37 years, he has helped actors, athletes, MMA fighters, CEOs, and countless others turn their struggles around and get massive results in little time.

He has impacted millions of lives with his world-famous seminars, books like Awaken The Giant Within, Money: Master The Game, Unlimited Power, Inner Strength, etc.



Most recently he was promoting his book, Money: Master The Game and was in the Sports Nation studio, talking about what he would say to a struggling Philadelphia 76ers NBA basketball team that was on the verge of holding the new record for the most consecutive losses to start a season.

The hosts of Sports Nation asked Tony what he would say to help turn the 76ers team around and hopefully help them get their first win of the season. Tony Robbins responded: “I'd spend 3 hours, but I'll give you 3 minutes.”

To see the video version of his speech, you can watch it here.

Read the inspiring speech Tony Robbins gave to a group pretending to be the 76ers team:


76ers, it's Tony Robbins. Listen, tonight is the night. Everyone in the whole country is talking about you and I know you're feeling it. And you're in a position tonight where the most important thing is you've gotta go out there with only one thought…

The season begins tonight. Because if you go out there with any aspect of the past, you and I both know it is already over. The past does not equal the future unless you live there.

And if you walk out there driving with a rear-view mirror, you're going to crash. Your problem is not a skill problem, is not a talent problem… MCW how you performed was amazing.

The team as a whole… Your team took on the defending champs Monday and in the second half, you blew them out score-wise. And  nobody is dissing you. Popovich is a friend of mine, I worked with the Spurs and I'm gonna tell you something…

He talked about you guys afterwards and said you brought it to them. We gotta change just one little shift. We gotta make sure this game, from the time we have that first tip-off to the final blow of that whistle, that sense of absolute certainty is there every single minute where you will not accept anything but victory.

And that process is not just a psychological emotional thing, it is in your body. So, I'm going to show you a really quick tool, people at home can use it as well. Your problem is momentum and certainty. So, take a look at this…

There's 4 things that affect peoples' performance in life, 4 elements that affect it. And those things are first of all, our belief. You believe, because you've had poor results for a while, you're gonna stop believing you're gonna win, even though consciously you know better.

Your unconscious doesn't use your full potential. Could you guys win tonight? Is your potential there? Of course, it is inevitable for you to win. In fact, the odds are that you win tonight. It's too your advantage.

But, that potential doesn't get tapped when you feel uncertain. And when you don't feel you have a lot of potential, we defend ourselves by unconsciously not giving every action we have. And as a result we take little potential and little action and you get little results.

In the NBA, it's a fraction that you could be off and what does that do? It reinforces that you're not going to win. Why even try? Even worse action, worse results… And that is how, that's really how losing teams stay on a skid and winning teams do the opposites.

Something inside of them gets them to change their certainty, and all of a sudden, they tap their potential. Something magic happens. They take massive action. They just have that extra edge that everybody else is missing. They get a great result.

When they get a great result, the brain goes “see, I told you you were a stud, I told you you could do it.” We tap more potential, more action, more results and that's how you get momentum. That's how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Happy people get happier, losers lose more. If you want to win in anything, business or sports, you've got to make changes, so I'm gonna show you how to do it.

You don't do it by changing your potential, you don't do it by changing your actions, you do it by changing your results in advance of being on the floor.


After this, Tony goes through a quick drill to use as an example for how we don't even realize that we limit ourselves with our beliefs. To watch this part, go to this video and start at 2:46.

After the drill is over that illustrates how beliefs work, Tony finishes his speech to the 76ers by saying this:


Everybody knows that practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. In the NBA, in basketball, they've done these drills where they take people for 6 weeks.

Some people do no practice, some people practice for 6 weeks, some only practice in their mind. We all know the research. People that don't practice go down. People that do practice go up.

People that practice without ever touching a ball have the highest scores because they see it every single time. They are certain, so now they tap into this momentum. You've got to do that today.

You've got to walk on the court with that certainty, today is the time. Look, victory is near. It's inevitable. Take it tonight.”


His speech was extremely inspiring to say the least and it really puts everything into perspective about how much we really could accomplish, doesn't it? Although this speech wasn't directly to the 76ers players, they ended up winning their first game right after this.


The Lesson You Must Learn From This Speech

In the speech, he used a very good outline of the 4 aspects of the success cycle. When you are struggling in anything, like business or sports, you can go back to this 4 step cycle and remind yourself what it is that is causing your struggles, so you can fix it.

Here's the basic diagram that Tony used to outline this cycle:

tony robbins success cycle



Once you understand the concept of this diagram, you can accomplish anything you want in life. Lets break down exactly what Tony Robbins is talking about in his speech when uses this diagram to explain why the 76ers have been struggling…



It all starts with your belief and that feeling of certainty that you can succeed at something. If you don't believe you can do something it affects everything else in the cycle, which creates very little, if any, results.

Take the 76ers basketball team for example… They were losing countless games in a row, not because they weren't talented (all professional athletes have talent), but because they didn't believe they could beat the other teams.

If you only have a little belief that you can do something, your subconscious only taps into a small percentage of your potential and you only take a little if any action, so you get hardly any results that you want. Just think about it.

Have you ever taken massive action doing something that you didn't believe would work? You get that feeling that you're just going to waste your time and so you usually talk yourself out of it. When you don't take much action towards doing something, how can you get any decent results at it?

This is what Tony was trying to tell the team. They have the talent, otherwise they wouldn't be professional players. They have won games before, whether it was in college or in the NBA itself, so winning is something they have done many times before.

Therefore, it is obviously possible to beat the other team in one game right? And since it is possible, they must believe that they have a good chance to win and be certain about it.


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Once you believe that you can do something and are certain that your goal can be reached, that allows you to tap into 100% of your potential. Some people may say that they don't have as much potential as others though.

This is false. All that is, is a self-limiting belief that would hold you back from reaching your goals. Everyone has an ample amount of potential in different areas. Especially when it comes to things like business, anyone can succeed.

If you read Tony Robbins' books or another great one like Think And Grow Rich, you will see that Henry Ford, John Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and many other extremely successful businessmen that basically laid the foundation for the future of America, none of them have abnormal brains or potential.

They just knew what they wanted, believed with certainty that they could get it, tapped into their entire human potential and took massive action to get extraordinary results. Do not believe for a second that you can't do something because you don't have enough potential.

Everyone is made up of similar bodies, internal organs, brains, etc. You have as much potential as anyone else, you just have to learn to tap into all of it instead of a small percentage by using this success cycle to help you.



When you believe with certainty that your goal can be reached, it allows your subconscious to tap into your entire potential and then that allows you to take massive action towards creating the result.

For example, lets say you are a business owner. Lets say you had a dip in sales over the last few months and you were feeling down about why that happened. Lets say you've made $10,000 in a month before and want to do it again this month.

If you are certain that you can make $10,000 this month and you have done it before, then it is completely possible that you can do it again right? It's an absolute fact that it can be done because you have done it before, so that thought alone should give you the certainty you need to be confident in your ability to make that happen.

Now, since you are confident and know you can get your desired result, your subconscious mind recognizes this and taps into your full potential to figure out how to make it a reality. This allows you to come up with a plan and take massive action, the same or similar actions that got you the result before your dip in sales.

With the motivation from your certainty, driving your subconscious to stay active and find any possible way to help you reach your goal, you then take the actions you have come up with. Before you know it, you are taking the actions of a person that is making $10,000 a month and it becomes a reality.



Once you have believed with absolute certainty that you could achieve a result, you tapped into your full potential and took the necessary massive action to get it. Now that you have the results you wanted you feel really good about yourself and have that sense of accomplishment that we all love.

But, don't think for a second that the cycle stops there. Now you use the results as leverage to create momentum. When you keep getting results, you keep believing in yourself and challenging yourself to reach new heights.

Ever wonder how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? There are no politics or unfair advantages involved that allow rich people to make more and more money. They do it because of this very success cycle that Tony has constantly gone over throughout his 37 year career as a life coach.

They keep the belief in themselves that they can accomplish great things because they keep reaching their goals and are always inspire to take massive action. The only time you stop getting results, is when you stop believing that you can.

The results you get though, keep your confidence up and allow you to keep the cycle going as long as you allow it. This is why you see winning streaks and losing streaks in sports. This is why the rich get richer. This is why the poor get poorer.

Because this cycle of success also works as a cycle of failure if you lose belief and certainty in yourself. Remember, your subconscious mind doesn't take jokes. It turns your beliefs into reality through this cycle. Keep your beliefs in your favor.



Certainty that you can accomplish your goal allows your subconscious to tap into all of your potential, which allows you to know exactly how to get the results you need, which allows you to take action on the plan you came up with and get the results you wanted.

If the result is humanly possible, you can use this cycle to get it. But, don't think you can develop superpowers just because you believe you can, it doesn't work that way. As far as  I know, that is still pretty much impossible.

Just like in Tony Robbins' advice to the 76ers… It's not because of a lack of potential or talent that you aren't getting the results you want, it is a lack of certainty in yourself that you could get it. Master this concept and the world is yours for the taking.

What did you think about Tony Robbins' speech? Do you think it played a part in the 76ers getting their first win of the season?

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