Some people just aren't meant to work for somebody else. They prefer to be in control of their decisions and their direction in life.

If you've been an employee of someone else for long enough and you've decided to investigate some options for entrepreneurship, you may be able to start down a very successful road by purchasing a truck.

Before we look into what you can do, you may need some reassurance about cost. After all, a new big rig can be a very expensive proposition.

Set those price tags aside. features dozens of used vehicles in a searchable format, all of them in good condition and available for very rapid delivery.

So now that you know you can afford it, here are some things you can do if you decide to buy a truck in order to satisfy your entrepreneurial spirit.


A Shipping Business

No surprise here. The first option you would have after purchasing a truck would be to get into the shipment of goods. It's a straightforward business, which is ideal for new entrepreneurs.

There are no complex manufacturing processes or environmental permits. You contact Charter, you buy the truck, you learn the law, you get a commercial driver's license, and you start advertising your service.

There is nothing more fundamental in an economy than being able to get things from Point A to Point B.

Yet many businesses are focused on the products and services they provide too much to deal with getting them delivered. That's where you come in.

Whether it's paper goods today and shoes tomorrow, you can pick up the loads from the businesses that are most successful without being part of them.

Should their industry drop off, you can haul for those that have picked up.

Your business will operate much like Charter, which buys unneeded trucks and trailers that are either no longer needed or that have met some fleet manager's maximum age or mileage.

Like them, you simply shift a resource from where it's not needed to where it is needed. It's a recession-resistant industry.


Heavy Equipment Transport

Many excavating companies and other contractors have numerous pieces of equipment that aren't moved frequently.

As a result, these companies may choose not to own the trucks that are used to relocate things after a job is completed, relying instead on a contractor.

What's great about these jobs is that you typically fight less traffic and encounter fewer big-city parking struggles.

Getting to a store's loading dock with a supply of perishable foods can be very frustrating, especially compared to simply getting close enough that the bulldozer, loader, or excavator can drive the rest of the way in under its own power.

And it can be a long-term deal. Every few weeks, the familiar customer calls and you're loading up for another new site with them.

Should the loads get bigger, you contact Charter for a bigger trailer and heavier tractor, and you continue with your work.


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Specialized Hauling

Another sector that doesn't own trucks and instead chooses contractors is the field of specialized transport.

When finite jobs like facility relocations come along, nobody is going to buy a truck just to work for three weeks. They'll hire you, if you're ready.

Like the construction equipment, these jobs are intense for a couple of days, then they die down.

Much of what you do may be oversized or overweight, meaning you'll travel during low-traffic hours and with a fleet of escort vehicles to scout the path ahead of you. It's a very easy way to travel.

Worried about investing in specialized rigs only to see the work dry up? Forget it. Charter will consign your unneeded rigs, or buy them outright from you. You won't get stuck with unneeded rolling stock.

We've looked at the practical side of a trucking investment without even talking about the human side.

Imagine the freedom of loading up and hitting the open road, free to manage your life as you choose and see the countryside. Trucking is a fantastic industry, with lots of opportunities to earn a good living.

When your old 9-to-5 wears on you and you start to think about your other options, and consider trucking.


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