Imagine a world where everyone wanted to be an entrepreneur and we didn't have anyone who would actually be willing to work a regular job.

It's hard to imagine such a world because very few people have that entrepreneurship spirit and drive to create something from nothing.

We are taught growing up that we are to go to school, get good grades, graduate, get a college degree and find a safe corporate job to call a career.

But, entrepreneurs think a little differently and are willing to take the risk of working harder as well as facing the unknown to give themselves a chance to make their dreams a reality.



What It Really Means To Be An Entrepreneur

I'm sure you probably have a good idea of what an entrepreneur is, but for the sake of really digging deeper into understanding what makes these people tick, lets use the actual definition to clear things up:

Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business or other organization. The entrepreneur chooses/develops a business model, acquires the human and other required resources and is fully responsible for its success or failure.” – Wikipedia

You can read the entire definition and history of entrepreneurs here. As you can see, you are in charge of everything as an entrepreneur and all success or failures of your businesses are basically on you. Most people just don't want this responsibility, even if the payoff is much better than that of an average worker.

But, there are also those who wonder about the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur, but don't know if they have what it really takes or if it's what they want to do.

10 Signs That You're Born To Be An Entrepreneur

1. You have no fear. 

While most people would rather play it safe, entrepreneurs are the ones who see potential where there is risk. They are basically the ultimate optimists of the world because they always have that belief that no matter how risky something looks, their strategies will turn into huge long term profits.

They'll tend to do whatever necessary to carry out their plans or ideas for something bigger, even if it means selling their house and running up their credit card debt. In other words, you have to be mentally tough.

2. You work and play hard

Most people get discouraged if they don't do something right the first or second time. Entrepreneurs fall down and pick themselves back up regularly until they get it right. The CEO of Fiverr, Micha Kaufman, is a prime example of an entrepreneur who works and plays hard. When he isn't running Fiverr, he loves snowboarding and sailing.

He compares success in business to sports, saying that you have to be super focused to reach your goals. When Fiverr was launched, instead of worrying so much about all the potential problems they could have, they stayed laser-focused on the biggest problem for all businesses, building liquidity.

If you compared that situation to snowboarding, it would be like worrying about how you're going to pull off major tricks like back-flips or 360's before you even know how to stay up on the snowboard without falling.

3. You take massive action.

As an entrepreneur myself and someone who's worked with many other ones, I can tell you that studying business and reading books about it is good and all but the experience of getting out there and taking action is what gets you to the top.

Too many people tend to over-complicate things when it comes to how they're going to make a business profitable, and they need to realize that building a succesful business is not something you do perfectly on the first try. You have to take action and tweak things as you go.

I heard a great quote once from a very successful marketer:

Imperfect action is always better than perfect inaction.

– Vick S.

It basically means, if you want to successfully build a business, you can't do nothing but training, planning, researching, etc., you have to just get out there and start taking action while correcting and learning along the way.

4. You're crafty.

You're not going to always have the greatest resources at your disposal as an entrepreneur. This is why learning to be crafty with what resources are available is one of the more important skills of an entrepreneur.

If you're good at improvising and always finding a way to make something work, you may just make a great entrepreneur.

5. You're motivated by challenges.

If you're someone that prefers to take the easy way out, you're probably not cut out to be an entrepreneur. The CEO of the Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Park franchise, Jeff Platt, put it best, “An entrepreneur doesn't think anything is insurmountable… He looks adversity in the eye and keeps going.”

Overcoming adversity is part of being an entrepreneur. You must learn to embrace it and use it as motivation to work harder if you want to be successful at running a business.

6. You're obsessed with cash-flow.

In the end, your business has to make money. If you're someone who is good at managing it or is always looking to maximize revenue, you probably have that entrepreneur spirit burning inside you.

As an entrepreneur, there is a good chance you'll be cutting it close with expenses, payroll, profit margins, etc., but you have to learn to find a way to always come out on top with a nice profit margin to keep your business afloat.

7. You're insecure. 

You may be thinking this is kind of a weird representation of an entrepreneur, but it's true that sometimes you have to be a little insecure to make your business work. People may see entrepreneurs as very ambitious people, but in reality, a lot of them are very insecure underneath.

People who are scared to death of failing are the ones who really become hyper-focused on what has to be done to succeed. They use their emotion as a tool to drive them through tough times to reach their goals.

8. You welcome feedback.

Entrepreneurs don't really have anyone to hold them accountable all the time because they are the owner of their business and therefore have no boss to answer to. As an entrepreneur, you need to be able to evaluate yourself and how you are performing to make sure you are always doing your best.

You also need to take feedback from others into account, whether they are colleagues, mentors, customers, etc. Always be looking to get a second opinion from trusted sources and always be improving yourself, as well as your business.

9. You fulfill needs.

As an entrepreneur, you are always being innovative, trying to fill needs in the marketplace. Many famous business owners will tell you that the amount of money you make is a direct correlation to how many people you are helping or how much value you put in the marketplace.

The greatest products or services, a lot of times, are created because consumers are having a problem and an entrepreneur finds a way to provide an innovative solution.

10. You consider yourself different from the others.

Some say that entrepreneurs tend to be outsiders throughout their lives and aren't always accepted for the way they are or do things. But, this helps them work even harder to achieve their goals and prove themselves to everyone because actions speak louder than words.

Entrepreneurs get where they are because they don't think or do things like everyone else. They take their own paths and take action until they accomplish their goals. If you do what everyone else does, you get the same results as the majority, but the ones who really enjoy the finer things in life, do things differently.


Entrepreneurship is a beautiful thing and is the reason we have so many fantastic inventions and services available to us today. Look around you, everything you own started out as a vision of an entrepreneur that they took action to make a reality. Do you have what it takes to make a difference in the world by taking your own path to success?

Justin Bryant
Justin Bryant

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