Here are 104 YouTube video ideas for beginners or pros.

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  1. What your channel is about – Your Intro
  2. Collaboration with another YouTuber
  3. Daily Routine
  4. Tour of home
  5. Challenge to everyone or to others
  6. Giveaway for certain goal
  7. Live AMA video
  8. Popular questions video (from Twitter poll, Reddit, etc.)
  9. Your video equipment
  10. Your favorite… (movies, shows, podcasts, etc.)




  1. What you’re doing that day
  2. A day with friends
  3. Behind the scenes recording/video-making
  4. What you’re eating
  5. Your exercise routine
  6. Your pets
  7. Your family
  8. Your hobbies
  9. Your opinions on events going on
  10. Books you’re reading




  1. Achievements on each game
  2. Easter Eggs
  3. Tutorials on how to be good
  4. Customization (cars, character, etc.)
  5. Game reviews
  6. Live streams
  7. Walkthroughs
  8. Game comparisons
  9. Funny reactions
  10. Gaming news
  11. Your personal favorite games
  12. Recommended games for certain criteria




  1. Review
  2. Comparison
  3. List or Top 10 video for a certain category
  4. The history of the subject
  5. Step-by-step tutorials with specifics
  6. Principles for understanding or being good at something
  7. Your opinion based on your experience
  8. Video Interviews
  9. Podcast episodes
  10. Speaking gig recordings
  11. Helping others through video chat
  12. Unboxing




  1. Standup/Open mic recordings
  2. Funny reactions to movies, shows, games, news…
  3. Jokes
  4. Funny news
  5. Favorite comedians
  6. Favorite comedy channels on YouTube
  7. Favorite comedy podcasts
  8. Interviews with other comics
  9. Funny animations
  10. Funny parodies
  11. Funny compilations
  12. Funny channel bloopers




  1. Makeup, skincare, fashion, and other tutorials
  2. Favorite products
  3. Reviews of other celebs, models, etc. and what they do
  4. Consulting/Tips/Makeovers for fans
  5. Daily beauty routine
  6. Opinion on future trends
  7. Health advice
  8. Fashion for certain budgets, seasons, occasions etc.
  9. Product application tutorials
  10. History of beauty trends and products




  1. Diet/workout myths debunked
  2. Diet tips
  3. Apps and other tools for tracking
  4. Exercise tutorials
  5. Exercise or equipment reviews
  6. Exercise or equipment comparisons
  7. Supplements
  8. Workout motivation
  9. Healthy cooking recipes
  10. What’s in your fridge
  11. Your personal workout and nutrition routine




  1. Your original songs
  2. Your covers of songs
  3. Funny voice singing compilation
  4. What songs are on your phone?
  5. How to play a given instrument
  6. Your recording equipment
  7. Song or equipment reviews
  8. Collaboration with other musician




  1. Sports move tutorials
  2. Crazy trick shots
  3. Highlight compilations
  4. Breakdown of game film
  5. Sports gear
  6. Fantasy sports
  7. Sports news
  8. Your opinion on trades, future of sport, free agents, etc.
  9. Favorite players to watch




  1. Top destinations in a city
  2. Top destinations in a country
  3. Top bars/restaurants
  4. Top activities
  5. History of a place
  6. Scenic views
  7. GoPro or other camera footage of you doing stuff around the world
  8. Tips on traveling on a budget
  9. Tips on staying safe while traveling
  10. Favorite gear you recommend traveling with




104 youtube video ideas for beginners or pros


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