Here are 9 YouTube channel ideas that don't require you to talk or use your voice.

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1. Cooking

Cooking channels like AlmazanKitchen don't need words to show you how to make some great meals. In fact, AlmazanKitchen, in my opinion, is pretty relaxing to watch because you learn something while listening to the sounds of nature like fire crackling or water flowing.


2. Music

If you don't mind sticking to instrumental music, you don't need a voice in your videos at all. Even though it isn't a channel that gets updated much anymore, Bart Stoop is a channel that does some pretty good instrumental music while using a static image as the visual.


3. Tutorials

If you're into doing tutorials, you could learn something the Primitive Technology channel. In their videos, they just have a guy in the forest build all kinds of structures and other useful things out of materials you could find in nature. No words needed here.


4. Gaming

Of course, gaming is always one of the more popular YouTube channel categories because of how awesome it is to play a video game and make money doing it. You don't have to be a streamer who's on camera to be successful with a gaming channel though. You can do walkthroughs, tutorials, highlights, and other videos like PackAttack04082 and Boss Fight Database do.


5. Pets

Who doesn't love a good cat video? The running joke at the time that YouTube started was that all people posted were stupid cat videos and other goofy things like that. And yet, here they are, getting millions of views even today. Put your cat on a Roomba and post it on YouTube and you're almost guaranteed 1 million views. Just look at TexasGirly1979.


6. Voice-overs

If you look at most writers on Amazon, they usually have someone else do the narration of their audiobooks. This is a way to have narration without you having to use your voice in your videos. You could do something like whiteboard animations of books like FightMediocrity or whatever else you want to do and hire someone on Fiverr to do the narration.


7. Animation

Animation has always been a popular way to get millions of views on YouTube. What's also great about these channels is the way you can stay anonymous by using the cartoons as the visual and either no voices, text-only like they use in Pokemon games, just background music, or weird voices that you make up. OneyNG is a well-known animation channel example that uses either other people's voices or weird alternate versions of their own.


8. Computer voice

You could do voices without humans for your channel as well. Although, I wouldn't really recommend doing this, you could get Siri or some kind of software to read a script for videos for you. Some informative channels have gotten quite a few views doing this, but I've had a hard time finding them again. One example I've seen is word definition channels like this one.


9. Interesting Facts / History

Another type of channel that I've seen get a ton of views without talking is the list/interesting facts/history YouTube channel. Channels like Dark5, take clips from historic events and interesting places around the world and point out different things that you may not have known about. Dark5, for example, uses text and visuals instead of any kind of narration.



8 youtube channel ideas without talking

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    • Priya Sharma

      Hello Justin, Thank you for your YouTube channel idea. I think it’s really practical that nowadays people make videos with animals and with animated voice in background and get more popularity.

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