So, I was looking at different YouTube channels the other day and found something interesting involving a channel by Noah Kagan, an entrepreneur known for digital marketing products.

Noah Kagan was averaging round 10k views or so on most videos, but had 3 different videos with the EXACT same title getting 100k+ views each.

My initial reaction was that it would be crazy to keep uploading essentially the same content over and over like this, but then I actually went and looked more into it.

Why this strategy is genius

So, the title of all 3 of these videos is “The 5 Most Profitable Businesses to Start in 2021 (backed by data).”

Although they all have the same title, they have different content within the videos.

All of the content is high quality, of course.

But, there are a few reasons using the exact same title for all 3 videos can work so well:

  1. The first one took off, so people who remember liking that video might use the exact title to search for it again to rewatch it, only to find that there are now multiple videos just like it. So, this can help exact match search traffic, leading to more views.
  2. With some channels, doing a series doesn't always work well. If someone discovers a video that says “episode 3” or something like that, they might get discouraged to watch it, thinking they're behind by not seeing the previous videos in order. If you just use the same title without numbering them, you cut out this problem completely.
  3. If it works once, there's a good chance it'll work again. It's hard to come up with a unique title that hasn't already been used before. If you find something that works REALLY well and you can reuse it with fresh, new content like Noah Kagan did, why not capitalize on it.

For your convenience, here are the 3 videos in this series, so you can compare them:

How to implement it yourself

It's a pretty simple, straight-forward strategy.

Just experiement with different videos related to what your audience likes and when something takes off, make it a series.

But, instead of numbering episodes in the series, just change the content, while keeping it high quality and reuse the EXACT same title that worked so well before.

The trick is finding a good idea that could turn into a series.

For instance, “The 5 Most Profitable Businesses to Start in 2021 (backed by data)” worked so well for Noah Kagan's channel because his channel is mostly about business and there are all kinds of ways to come up with business ideas.

Because he's only doing 5 at a time in each video, he could make A LOT of those videos potentially earning 100k+ views on each one without the information getting stale.

So, find a subject your audience would be interested in that would make a good list post.

Narrow it down to 5 or so points per video, and if it gets popular, make it a series and use the same title that got people interested in the first place.

And now, you have a YouTube title strategy that could help you create your first BIG series of videos!

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