Here are the top 2 YouTube marketing tips you should focus on going forward.

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When it comes to YouTube, there are a lot of analytics to keep track of. But, if you really want to make a lot of money and build a lasting brand on YouTube, there are only two main factors you need to pay attention to right now.

It's all about click-through rate and watch time. If you can improve those every month, you will be on your way to building an incredible channel.

I'll tell you how to accomplish this in the video.

Click-through rates:

Tip 1: Look at the click-through rate for each video in your analytics to see what works and what doesn't.

I recommend creating a spreadsheet and keeping track of videos that get much higher than usual click-through rates and ones that also dramatically under-perform.

Tip 2: Improve your thumbnails.

Try to have some energy in your thumbnails. If a person is in your video, have a face with an energetic expression and a background that has something to do with the subject of the video.

Also keep your text large so people can read it on mobile devices.

Tip 3: Improve your titles.

Make sure your grammar is good and you use keywords if possible.

Make sure you know what your target audience is and what they would want to watch.

And never mislead people! Don't have titles that make people think something will be in your video that isn't!

Watch Time:

Tip 1: Make longer videos.

YouTube's business is attention. The longer your videos keep people on YouTube, the more YouTube will love you. This is why their algorithm seems to be promoting longer content.

Tip 2: Keep people's attention throughout the video.

Of course, long form content isn't any good if people only watch 10% of the video. You need to keep people's attention by changing things up, using different visuals, using a list format, etc.

Tip 3: Keep your intros short, if you even have them.

In many cases, you'll see a HUGE drop off in viewership of a video if you intro is longer than, say 15 seconds.

Someone like Pewdiepie, who has over 100 million subscribers, doesn't even use fancy intros like many channels do.


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the top 2 youtube marketing tips you should focus on

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    3 replies to "The Top 2 YouTube Marketing Tips You Should Focus On"

    • Ken Miller

      Hi Justin,
      I have been, following you on YouTube only to find you again on Pinterest & I must commend the great stuff you have said on here but I also got, something, confusing me right now about YouTube.. I started my channel few weeks ago and I saw some people saying that they got subs and views from a site called fiverr & I google fiverr and found this article: (URL removed) and from what they say there, I still wasn’t clear.. My question is.. Is it safe to use fiverr for my YouTube? Please answer Justin… I’m a great fan..
      Best regards.. Ken

      • Justin Bryant

        Hey Ken,
        I definitely do not recommend buying subscribers, views or anything else from anywhere (including Fiverr). This will screw up your channel long-term. YouTube has been cracking down on this and you could get penalized. You need to just build your channel through good content and marketing.

    • Priya Sharma

      Hello Justin,

      I got massive information and useful tips about how to do youtube marketing. We know a lot of audiences prefer to stay on youtube so due to this specialty promotion become very easy and effective good work.

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