Here are the 9 best YouTube channel ideas for introverts.

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1. Gaming

You don't have to be a live streamer with a big personality to make good money from a gaming channel.

You could try tutorials that don't involve you being on screen (or even talking). Check out Boss Fight Database for an example of this.

Also, you could try highlight/fail videos. You could do a separate video for each clip or make compilations of crazy things you've done on video games. Look at Red Arcade for videos like this.

2. Compilations

Compilations can be done in just about any genre on YouTube. There are stunt compilation channels like People Are Awesome and gaming compilation channels like Red Arcade.

You'll see the same style being used for motivational videos, movies, and just about anything else as well. Just make sure you get permission to use the clips if possible.

Consider having a submissions page to get permission to use clips from your fans as well. Here's a good example of one by People Are Awesome.

3. Tutorials

We can learn a lot just by watching you do something step-by-step. You don't necessarily even need to explain anything or be on-screen.

There are plenty of tutorials for how to play a song on a guitar, how to cook, and more.

One very popular channel that does tutorials without talking is Primitive Technology. They have millions of subscribers.

4. Pets/Animals

If you have funny pets, farm animals, etc., why not make them the stars of the show? People still love cats on Roombas and dogs that dance.


5. Family Vlog

This might sound crazy, but I have actually heard of introverts being pretty successful with family vlog channels. One of them is the Schmovies channel with the dad, Tim Schmoyer, being a self-proclaimed introvert (he's also has a great video marketing channel).

What can make this work is having kids. On the Schmovies channel, they have 7 kids that probably more of the focus than the actual parents. If you aren't the singular star of the channel, you can probably do just fine being an introvert.

6. Whiteboard Animations

If you want to do educational content, maybe you should look into whiteboard animation videos.

You can get software like VideoScribe and create all kinds of videos using their database of graphics and animations.

You don't even have to use your own hand to draw! They have that covered too!

All you need to do is either do the voice-over yourself or hire someone on a site like Fiverr to do it.

FightMediocrity is an example of a channel that has done very well with these kinds of videos.

7. Cartoons/Traditional Animations

If you're pretty artistic and want to create characters and bring them to life on YouTube, you could do your own cartoons.

Some of the most successful animated channels I've seen involve parodies of video games, TV shows, movies, etc. One great example of a channel that did this is Jameserton.

8. Instrumental Music

When it comes to having a music channel as an introvert, you could do tutorials, as I've already mentioned, or you could do instrumental music.

With instrumental music you can just create your music and have a static image, animation, or something else that doesn't require you to be in the video as your visual.

Look at a channel like Bart Stoop as an example.

9. Podcast Channel

Another creative way to build a YouTube channel could be to just upload your podcast episodes with a static image or notes as the visual.

An example of this would be Tim Ferriss' channel. Sometimes he interviews guests in person, and sometimes he just has a static image with the podcast art and a picture of the guest.

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9 Best YouTube Channel Ideas for Introverts

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