Some people are making as much as $7500 per month, or 6 figures per year online with a site called “Studypool“.

What you do

At Studypool, you get paid to help people with homework and answering questions regarding different topics for academic subjects.

For the most part, you make a certain amount of money for each question or topic you help someone with.

How much you earn

The amount you make per question varies based on the budget the person asking the question has and how much you charge based on your expertise.

Some questions are worth only $5, other might be worth $50.

The more you answer questions, the more you reputation increases as a reputable expert.

Some of the top experts have earn multiple 6 figures.

How Studypool makes money

Also, you don't keep the entire amount that is paid for each question, because Studypool must take a cut to pay the expenses for the platform.

So, Studypool keeps about 20-30% of the total.

Other details

Additionally, you will need to have earned $50 before you can cash out (withdraw) you earnings.

On top of that, you can work whenever you want because you are considered an independent contractor.

Tips for making the most money:

The best strategy for these types of sites is to probably start out doing cheaper questions, building you reputation up, and then charging more over time, as you become a known expert.

Similar sites to Studypool:

If you like getting paid to answer questions online on certain subjects you have a lot of expertise in, try JustAnswer.

Or, if you like to tutor people online in a specific school subject, you can earn around $20 per hour at Chegg.

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