You may have heard about Infinity 2 Global lately because of its rising influence in the marketing and entertainment industries. When you have the only licenses of any marketing company to make money off of music downloads, worldwide online casinos, fantasy sports, social media software and more, you have a lot of potential.

I2G has really captured a lot of attention and is just getting started. One thing they understand that most companies don't is that people don't want to buy what they need, but what they want instead. That's why the entertainment industry is trillions of dollars, leading all of them in revenue.


What Is I2G?

It is a marketing company that supports independent distributors for the online entertainment industry. Being involved in online casinos, music platforms, social media, video software, fantasy sports, and many other forms of online entertainment, gives them the ability to have zero boundaries when it comes to business building.


Who Runs I2G?

Rick Maike, Doyce Barnes, Robb Fleener, Angela Leonard and Andy Aiyer make one heck of a corporate team for running Infinity 2 Global. They all have years of experience and Rick Maike, President/CEO of I2G, has already built 2 $100 million dollar marketing companies before I2G that are still in business today.

Doyce Barnes, VP of Marketing for I2G, became the $1,000,000 per year earner in his very first company and was recognized this past November as one of only 13 Million Dollar earners in a DSA Global top 100 company. He has been an entrepreneur his entire life and has years of experience in management and as the top network marketing rep.

Some Of The Infinity 2 Global Products:


Online music downloads and technology are being taken to a level never reached before.

Backed by Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Adam Levine, Brittney Spears, Universal Studios, Sony, Warner Bros, and more, you can expect this platform is really putting the pressure on other music platforms.

With features such as both android and apple download options for each song, notifications of upcoming concerts and new apparel of your favorite artists, an app for easy usage on any smart phone, and even the technology to record songs or videos, edit them and post them online with the ability to even sell them…

You can expect any music fan or artist trying to get discovered to love Songstagram, the future of music and technology. And with other profit sharing, bonuses and affiliate commissions on song downloads and other sales through Songstagram, you can bet that there are plenty of ways to get paid from it.

Just think, Itunes does over $30 million per day in sales with only half of the capabilities as Songstagram. Imagine how fast they could surpass Itunes completely and rule the world of music online.

I2G Touch Software

It gets kind of annoying having to login to about 10 different websites to keep up with social media doesn't it? What if you had one piece of software that combined them into one login? It would be so much easier to manage.

Well on top of that, what if that same software actually gave you access to video technology that allowed a 3D version of you walking on to peoples' screen to remind them of something or do other types of marketing?

Sounds like some futuristic stuff, but it's real technology that took $20 million and 8 years to develop and I2G has the licensing to sell as well as use it.

Social Media is a $300 billion industry, but yet no one is making money off of it unless you're the actual company or a share holder. Now, for the first time ever you can make sales of social media and breakthrough video marketing technology that is years ahead of its time.

From a marketing standpoint, just think how much easier it would be to get peoples' attention with a 3D version of a person walking out onto a screen. Just that technology alone gets businesses and marketers in line to give you their credit cards.

And just like I2G's other products, you don't just make money off of marketing it, you get profit sharing and bonuses as well.

I2G Casino

Currently a $50 billion industry and projected to hit $150 billion within the next 36 months, online gambling is one of the fastest growing entertainment industries in the entire world.

I2G has taken it to a whole new level. Instead of those computer generated games with virtual dealers and cards, you get real live dealers in HD actually dealing real cards over the internet while participants make their moves.

Currently in hundreds of countries worldwide, the U.S. recently passed a bill that gives the states the right to participate in online gaming. Just like when they did the same with the Lottery, it’s projected to make a huge impact in revenue and surpass what is made by all of the actual casinos currently in the U.S.

Instead of keeping the revenue from the gaming, I2G actually gives a huge percentage of it back to its distributors. In fact, as a distributor you get 35% of all bets that you are responsible for helping the company get and you even get profit sharing and huge bonuses on top of that.

With a casino that is online, running 24/7 in 200 countries, as the first ever affiliate company that allows reps to earn on the gaming industry, as part of a $50 billion (soon to be $150 billion) industry, how can you not take advantage of it?

You even get free gaming chips every month from the company as a valued distributor if you want to try your hand at the casino yourself!

Fantasy Sports (Coming Soon)

That's right fantasy sports, the biggest video game industry is going to be bringing people like you profits starting this Summer. Everyone knows people that do fantasy sports whether it's football, basketball, baseball, etc.

And we're the first company that has the licensing to make money off of it, so our reps have even more options for making money with I2G. What if you were getting paid when your friends played fantasy sports? Wouldn't that be awesome?

Facebook Games? (Coming Soon)

With over 1 billion people on Facebook, why not get a piece of that revenue as well? Facebook games are rising in popularity and are addicting Facebook users like never before with games like Farmville, Candy Crush, Words With Friends, and more.

No companies are actually capitalizing on any of this revenue except Facebook and the creators. But, with I2G's domination of the online entertainment industry, you'll soon be able to bring in ridiculous amounts of income off of the world's most popular online games on the world's most popular social media site.

How They Pay Affiliates

I2G calls it the Infinite Opportunity Plan and it's built to pay it's reps like they deserve for their hard work in marketing this company. Here's How It Works…

There are 5 ways to earn commissions:

  1. Fast Start Bonuses
  2. Binary Income
  3. Matching Bonuses
  4. Leadership Pools
  5. Revenue Share

Earning Ranks

As an I2G business owner, there are 4 ranks: Novice, Player, High Roller, and Emperor. If you maintain active status with the account you choose, here's how they are laid out:


For detailed information on how reps get paid in I2G, click here.

Conclusion Of Infinity 2 Global Review

If haven’t noticed the pattern here already, it’s that Infinity 2 Global knows what people want to buy and they take that to the next level.

The combination of new technology, licensing that no one else has, being open for business in 200 countries and the intiative to take very good care of its distributors, allows I2G to bring in maximum profits for all of those affiliated with it.

I2G realizes that to give it’s distributors the maximum amount of income potential, they have to make new technology combined with the most popular trends and sell that all over the world.

You see, people buy what they want, not what they need, which is where most companies get it wrong. In my opinion, Infinity 2 Global will be around for a long time and may even be the first billion dollar marketing company.

Fore more info on Infinity 2 Global (I2G), click here.


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