If you've studied people, they have usual reactions and routines for certain things. If they see a marketing video they may be skeptical before they even watch it because they're so used to being pitched and marketed to the wrong way by inexperienced marketers.

Pattern interrupts are what you need to completely throw people off and lower their defenses. Otherwise, whatever your video is about will go in one ear and out the other. You need to capture their attention quickly in your videos.

Why Videos For Marketing?

First off, pattern interrupts are pretty useless if you don't use videos. If you aren't using videos in your marketing, you are making a mistake that could cost you some profits. Videos can make you a celebrity in the marketing industry.

Other than a blog, videos are the only way to consistently build rapport and trust with people quickly. Videos show people the real you and help them feel like they're connecting to you personally.

Just think about how movie stars get so popular. People see them play roles in movies or TV shows and if they like the characters they play, they are instant fans for life. If you have that status in any industry, making money becomes effortless.

Pattern Interrupt Purpose

The purpose of the pattern interrupt, which is right at the start of your videos, is to capture attention and make people drop everything they're doing to watch your video to see what happens next.

You might as well be talking to them in a foreign language if you aren't getting their full attention throughout the videos.

Examples Of Pattern Interrupts

Here are a few ways to really drop peoples' defenses and make them sit on the edge of their seat, waiting for the information you're going to share with them:

1. Humor

2. Movement (Take them on a journey with you)

3. Plot Line (Like a little movie tying into your video's purpose)

Those are just a few great examples of what some of the top marketers use to disarm their prospects and keep their attention throughout the video.

Think about how boring most sales videos are and how common it is to have such a video for any given company. It's no wonder why people never want to see most marketing videos.

There's a reason why the entertainment industry is #1. They create so much revenue because people just want to be entertained. People want to have fun right? Make your videos fun and entertaining by having a great, attention-getting pattern interrupt at the start of the video.

You may involve some kind of beautiful scenery in the background or some kind of really funny story. Maybe you could have a weird costume on or even just show yourself driving around or even just doing something different than most marketers would do in their videos.

Do get results that are out of the ordinary, you have to do things that are out of the ordinary. Videos are the top way to connect with your target audience PERIOD.

Conclusion Of Pattern Interrupts

If you aren't doing videos, do them. Get comfortable in front of the camera and even try doing some screen recordings using services such a Camtasia or Screencast-O-Matic. Either way you need to get good at videos and let people see you as well as hear your voice.

Make use of pattern interrupts within your videos to start them off to really grab your audience's attention and keep them begging for more.

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