1. Amazon Associates

Commissions: up to 10%

Cookies: 24 hours

Amazon Associates, although they just recently cut commissions for certain product categories, still is one of the best affiliate programs for beginners because of all the products they have.

You can build entire websites around their products for all sorts of niches, whether it be tech, gag gifts, fashion, or just about anything else.

Their products are great for a Pinterest affiliate profile or a gift ideas site like ThisIsWhyImBroke.com.

2. eBay Partner Network

Commissions: up to 5%

Cookies: 24 hours

eBay's partner program, although it doesn't pay high commission percentages, has millions of products for people to buy that can are new or used.

Another reason it is great for beginners, like Amazon, is because many people already have their credit card on file here. They already buy products here. You just need to show them what they're looking for and then get a cut of the purchase.

A great affiliate site that could leverage eBay's affiliate program might a be a deals site like Slickdeals.net.

3. Printful

Commissions: 10%, keep receiving commissions for 9 months from referred customers

Cookies: unknown

Printful is a print-on-demand merch site where you can upload a design and turn it into t-shirts, coffee mugs, phone cases, and much more.

You see a lot of gamers and YouTubers use sites like these to make money and create cool stuff for their fans.

With Printful's affiliate program, you could create some kind of website centered around the coolest designs that revolve around a certain niche.

4. Etsy

Commissions: 4%

Cookies: 30 days

Etsy is a website where you can buy all sorts or art and handcrafted goods.

This is another great affiliate program for beginners because there are thousands of people who already have their credit card on file and buy things here all the time. This results in them being comfortable buying from Etsy.

Pretty much everything on Etsy is visually appealing in some way and does not need a lot of explanation for why people should buy them.

This makes it great for, say, a social media profile that promotes products using Pinterest or maybe Instagram.

5. Free Referral Programs

Free referral programs are very similar to affilaite marketing except no one has to buy anything for you to get paid.

All they have to do is sign up and use the website or app and you get paid.

The reason this is so great for beginners is that it converts better than regular affiliate marketing because no one has to buy anything.

These programs include FeaturePoints, Ibotta, InboxDollars and many other companies that pay you for getting people to try their sites.

FeaturePoints, for instance, pays you 50% of whatever your referrals earn on the site or app. They earn money by watching videos, taking surveys, trying out different apps, and shopping online.

InboxDollars is another good one to get referrals for. It's a site that pays people to take surveys, watch videos, read emails, play games, and more.

With InboxDollars, you earn $1 for each referred account that is activated for the first 5 referrals. If you get 6 or more referrals, you can earn 30% of their qualified earnings and there is no cap on earnings.

With programs like FeaturePoints (full review here) and InboxDollars, one of the best ways to get referrals is to have a blog or YouTube channel that reviews these top websites/apps. Here's an example of one of my blog posts that does this.

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