Here are 4 high paying YouTube channel ideas for 2019.

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1. Niche Game Clip Channels

One way you can make a lot of money from ad revenue on YouTube is to get highlight clips from Twitch and make compilation videos out of them.

What's great about this strategy is you actually help the streamers get more popular as well by showing their top highlights in your videos.

But, you don't want to just do this with any game. You want to do this strategy with games that are just being released, so you can get the maximum exposure with a little less competition.

Top Apex Plays is an example of a channel that did this with a popular new game called Apex Legends.

Another channel that has been successful with this at a larger scale is Red Arcade. They actually do videos for multiple games and have a submissions page for people to send them clips for future content. At almost 3.5 million subscribers, they seem to know what they're doing.

No matter if you do smaller channels dedicated to one game at a time or one bigger one like Red Arcade, I recommend focusing on doing videos centered around games that are just being released. Then, ride the wave of traffic and move on to the next new game.



2. Niche Review Channels

When it comes to boosting ad revenue per thousand views and making lots of affiliate marketing income, review channels are the way to go.

One of the best examples of this strategy is a tech review channel like TechSource.

With a channel like this, many tech companies would love to get their ads in front of its audience.

Why? Because people who watch review and comparison videos are typically about to buy something.

So, because these types of videos attract people who are about to buy something, ads are worth more on these channels.

In other words, you can make more ad revenue with less views because advertisers will be willing to bid more money per click or impression for these ads.

On top of that, you can get A TON of affiliate revenue by linking to the products you talk about in the video description.

Then, you could even be contacted directly by companies who want to pay you or give you free products just so you'll review them in front of your huge following. 

It's a very effective way to make lots of money on YouTube!


3. Cool Invention/Product Channels

Another kind of niche channel category that is taking off is product or invention compilation channels. The way these work is you get video clips that show people using he products from Amazon pages, Crowdfunding pages, etc. and turn them into compilations.

So you might see channels like Quantum Tech HD and Future Tech do new technology that's coming out. For these kinds of channels, you can show people the latest gadgets and inventions, earn lots of ad revenue, and get a great affiliate revenue stream going as well.

You may even get some business inquiries from new startups trying to get their products in front of eyeballs online.


4. Animation Parody Channels

Last but not least, we have the animation parody channel. What makes parody animations more powerful than most other animations is the recognition and search volume that is already out there.

If you do a cartoon you made up, it could take years to finally get enough traction to finally make a full-time income from YouTube. But, if you do original animations that parody real video games, movies, TV shows, etc., you're more likely to get found in search results.

In fact, you could make a really high quality video and possibly find a Reddit community of just hardcore fans of the original characters and post it there.

Furthermore, you don't need to even do long videos. Just look at Jameserton or OneyNG. They have some videos with millions of views that are around 35 seconds long.

To get started, you can use an animation software like Manga Studio EX.



4 high paying youtube channel ideas for 2019

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