Here are 10 high paying work-from-home job websites that pay between $20 and $70 per hour.

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1. MagicEars

At this site, you can earn $22-$26 per hour teaching English to students that are 4-12 years old. The hours are very flexible.


2. Scribe Writing

This is one of the highest paying websites on the list with some work-from-home gigs offering $60-$70 per hour. At this site, you get paid to help authors write, edit, publish, and market books.


3. Rev

Rev is another one of the highest paying websites on the list depending on which type of work you do. They offer online gigs involving transcriptions, captions, subtitles, and translations.

Subtitles pay the most at $1.50-$3.00 per audio minute.


4. GoGoKid

Another high paying English teaching website is GoGoKid. Here, you can earn $14-$25 per hour with a flexible schedule and lesson plans that have already been crafted for you.


5. TranscibeMe

If you want to earn up to $22 per hour typing, TranscribeMe is a great option. At this site, as you probably guessed, you do transcription work that involves listening to audio files and typing out who says what.

If you have a medical or legal background, you can get paid even more. Plus, you get paid via PayPal.

For this type of work, I also recommend you know your WPM typing speed. You can test your typing speed and accuracy for free at


6. UserTesting

At UserTesting, you get paid around $30 per hour or more via PayPal to go to websites or apps and answer questions about them. Each test takes about 20 minutes and you can earn as much as $60 per test.


7. Working Solutions

Working Solutions has different kinds of online jobs that range from telemarketing to CRM solutions. You can get paid up to $30 or so per hour as an agent here if you pass the assessment.

You'll need an updated computer, high-speed internet, and landline phone to apply.


8. 3Play Media

At 3Play Media, you have similar options to Rev. You can make money doing video captioning, transcriptions, audio descriptions, or subtitling. Typically, you get paid up to $25 per hour here.


9. TestingTime

If you like the idea behind UserTesting, you might also try TestingTime. This is another site that pays you to go to websites and apps to test different aspects of them.

You can get paid as much as $50 or more per hour here.


10. VIPKid

If you like the idea of teaching English online like you do with GoGoKid and MagicEars, you can also try VIPKid. Here, you can make $14-$22 per hour teaching kids how to speak English using a Skype-style platform.




10 high paying work-from-home job websites 20 70 hour


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