Here are 10 affiliate marketing with YouTube ideas to make more money in 2019.

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1. Product Video Compilations

One trending video style on YouTube right now is product compilations. In these videos, you can outline cool inventions, startup products, etc. that may interest your audience.

Now, there is a risk for copyright problems with these. But, from what I've seen, these videos tend to help the products get sold more, so the product creators don't mind if parts of their videos are used in the compilations.

Check out a channel like Quantum Tech HD as an example.


2. Use Linkedin Articles for Traffic


If you don't want to pay for or manage a WordPress blog, I would recommend starting your affiliate marketing with Linkedin articles. With your free Linkedin profile, you can write blog posts and publish them to get traffic to your videos or affiliate links.

You can even embed your YouTube videos in them if you want.


3. Use Pinterest for Traffic

Another way to use social sites for affiliate traffic is to take advantage of Pinterest. Here you can embed videos for product reviews or just pin an image with a link to the affiliate product.

Pinterest used to be against this but has since embraced affiliate marketers, allowing them to post direct links in their pins.


4. Do Tutorials with Links in Description

On YouTube, tutorial videos can get TONS of views. Plus, these are some of the best types of videos for affiliate marketing because you can actually show people how to use the products.

For example, there's a tutorial video by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income that was done years ago that helped him get a lot of affiliate commissions just by showing people how to set up a blog with the product.

All he did was walk people through building a WordPress blog with Bluehost and he had the affiliate link available in the description. Something that simple can make you a lot of money.


5. Top 10 List Videos

Some channels, like Watch Mojo, make a living off top 10 and list videos. For affiliate marketing, these are extremely effective for getting traffic to different products.

You could just list the top email marketing products or the top hosting companies and list affiliate links to those in either the video description or a blog post.


6. Use “Show Notes”

This is a trick I learned from Podcasters like Tim Ferriss and Rich Roll. If you have links, more information, or anything else someone might want to check out after listening to a podcast episode, a lot of the top podcasters would have a corresponding blog post for it.

This is something I started doing with my YouTube channel and it has really made an impact.

In the show notes, you could just have a written form of the video, links you mentioned (like affiliate links), or whatever is related to that particular video. Then, you can just embed the video at the top of the post.


7. Put Affiliate Link at Beginning of Description

One mistake many YouTubers make when putting an affiliate link or any other link in the description is they don't put it in the first sentence or two.

You only have maybe 20 words or so before your description is cut off in search results and below the video on the watch page. In other words, in search results, people wouldn't see the link and would have to click the video before seeing it at all.

And, on the watch page, they might have to click “Show More” to see the link. In my experience, the more steps people have to take, the less likely they are to subscribe, click, or do anything you want them to.

So, if you're going to try to drive some traffic to an affiliate link or post on YouTube, put the link in the very beginning of the description.


8. Do Review Videos

Another one of the best ways to make money with affiliate marketing on YouTube is to do review videos. Why? Because people who watch review videos are already close to being in “Buy Mode”.

Think about anything you've ever bought online. You probably read reviews on Amazon, watched comparison videos, read blog post reviews, etc. You probably did that because you were about to buy something.

These are some of the best leads you are going to get for affiliate marketing, so take advantage and do some review videos if you want more affiliate sales.


9. Do Comparison Videos

Another type of video that gets amazing results for affiliate marketing is comparison videos. This, of course, is very similar to reviews, just with more products.

Many times there are a few competitors at the top of any niche. So, instead of watching a separate review video for each one of those products, people might rather see one video that compares them all against each other with a detailed criteria.

I say, do both and include affiliate links in a convenient way for people to click.


10. Test Whether You Should Disable Ads

I get that many YouTubers rely on ads to pay the bills, but some people say you're better off without them. Why? Because the more things you try to get people to do, the less likely it is that they'll do any of them.

If you're trying to get people to like, subscribe, click an affiliate link, comment, etc., that's a lot of work for the viewer. Most of the time, they won't do any of those.

So, do a test. See if you get more affiliate sales when you disable ads on your videos so that the viewer's attention is more focused. If it doesn't help, by all means, re-enable the ads if you want.



10 affiliate marketing with youtube ideas for 2019

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