In this video, you will learn what makes a YouTube channel successful long-term.

You don’t want to just build a channel that will have a few good years and then fizzle out.

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Here is how to ensure that your YouTube channel will be successful for years:



1. Attention to detailed analytics

Your analytics are everything when it comes to knowing how to keep growing your YouTube channel.

Helpful resources:


2. High quality equipment

If you have a lot of background noise, fuzzy visuals, and things like that, people will be less inclined to subscribe.

Helpful resources:

  • Click here to see which sound system I use for my videos. It’s called the Focusrite SCARLETT Studio Pack w/CM25 Microphone, Headphones, 2i2, Cubase LE 6 Interface, Mic Cable, Boom Stand, and Pop Filter.
  • For recording screen-shares, I use Easy Video Suite.



3. Get to the point quickly

People don’t have long attention spans. You need to get to the point quickly before they click the dreaded back button and go to one of your competitor’s videos.

Helpful resources:

  • This article tells you what you need to know about video lengths and why you need to get to the point.



4. Make it easy to subscribe

When you want people to do something, one of the best principles to follow is to just make it as easy and straight-forward as possible.

Helpful resources:

  • Go to the YouTube Branding tab in your Creator Studio for adding a “subscribe” button to the corner of videos.



5. Post new videos very often

I recommend you post new videos at least every other day if you want your channel to do well for a long time. This is what top channels do.

Helpful resources:

  • This list has the the top 100 YouTube channels for you to compare.



6. Avoid anything that could hurt your channel in the future

Make sure you know YouTube’s compliance rules. Even if you can get away with it for now, don’t do anything that could jeopardize your channel’s future.

Helpful resources:



7. Make everything about the viewers

If you really want to be loved by your subscribers, condition yourself to think about their wants and needs when trying to come up with content ideas.

The more value you add to your viewers’ lives, the more money you make.



8. Promote videos to subscribers, on your blog, etc.

Don’t just rely on YouTube for your channel’s audience. While sharing YouTube videos on social media is becoming less effective, promoting them on your email list and blog works very well.

Helpful resources:

  • I recommend GetResponse for email marketing purposes.

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