If you're looking for some pretty laid back work that you can do from home, you might check out some virtual assistant jobs.

These jobs usually just require you to do simple tasks that executives and business owners don't have time for.

These tasks might include:

  • Data entry
  • Email management
  • Research
  • Booking appointments

You usually don't have to do anything too difficult. And these days, you can actually get paid pretty well for this work at certain websites.

Here are some sites where you can find $20 per hour virtual assistant jobs that you can do at home:

1. Profit Factory

At Profit Factory, you can usually find 5 or 6 virtual assistant jobs posted by small businesses paying between $20 and $30 per hour.

Most of them just require that you can do basic tasks like I mentioned above, use Microsoft Office products like Word and Excel, and maybe do some social media management.

Just keep in mind that the job descriptions can vary as far as hours, application requirements, etc. because many different small businesses are posting these jobs.

You can check out their latest work-from-home virtual assistant jobs here.

2. Boldly

Boldly is a company that has online jobs including Executive Assistants, Marketing and Social Media Specialists, and Project Managers.

What they do is constantly keep a staff of these kinds of workers and companies pay Boldly a subscription to get so many hours of labor each month.

So, instead of dealing with freelancers all the time or having to hire employees, Boldly is kind of that in-between option for business owners who need help.

Most of of Boldly's jobs have similar requirements for applying:

  • 7 or more years of experience
  • The ability to multitask and prioritize well
  • Good time management
  • Knowledge of online tools and software as well as the ability to learn to use new ones
  • Strong writing and communication skills
  • Organized
  • A team player who can work independently and under pressure

The benefits of Boldly's jobs are pretty much universal as well:

  • Flexible hours
  • Starting pay at $20 per hour
  • 100% work from home
  • Paid vacation/holidays and parental leave
  • Mentorship to help you improve
  • A fun/collaborative team environment
  • Technical support
  • Great work life balance and company culture

Also, keep in mind that Boldly's jobs are all based in the U.S.

Check out available jobs at Boldly here.

3. Executive Assistant at Contra

Contra is a professional community for the independent digital workforce.

Digital professionals use Contra to create stunning visual profiles, earn money commission-free, and build high-quality professional communities and referral networks.

Here, you can make $110-$140k/year with their work-from-home Executive Assistant job.

You'll also get great benefits like:

  • Remote-first culture
  • 100% health coverage for US full-time employees, and health reimbursements for all international contractors
  • 401k matching for US full-time employees
  • $4,000/year laptop reimbursement + additional equipment, co-working, education, meetup and charity budgets
  • No-meeting Wednesdays, and half days every third Friday of the month
  • Generous time off + a flexible parental leave
  • Annual team wide off-site (our most recent was Nov 2021 in Tulum, Mexico)
  • A custom slack emoji, just for you!

4. Executive Assistant at Help Scout

Help Scout is a provider of help desk software.

Here, their Executive Assistant job pays between $98k and $114k/year.

They also offer great benefits like:

  • Competitive salary – Our salary formula is public to all employees (but doesn't divulge your specific salary) and we update it at least once per year. Your salary is the same no matter where you live. Our goal is to pay at or above the market rate of a US-based tech hub like Boston or Seattle.
  • Health and dental insurance – We cover you and your family's health/dental insurance 100%. If you are based in the US, we'll cover you on our Aetna policy. If you're based outside the US, we'll reimburse your out-of-pocket health and dental insurance costs.
  • Long-term/short-term disability insurance & life insurance – we cover 100% of the premiums for LT/ST disability insurance and base life insurance. You also have the option to purchase supplementary life insurance through our provider (currently US only).
  • Flexible vacation – Take time off when you need it! We recommend 3-4 weeks in addition to public holidays, but there are no firm rules. We trust you.
  • Sabbatical – After you've been at Help Scout for 4 years, you get a month of paid vacation (in addition to regular vacation) and $2,500 to spend towards travel, learning, projects or anything else during your time off.
  • Paid parental leave, including adoption – 12 weeks of paid leave for all new parents.
  • 401k with 1% match– via Betterment for Business (currently US only)
  • Personal Development stipend – Up to $1,800 per year to improve your craft
  • Bonuses – everyone is eligible to receive a quarterly bonus up to 8% based on shared company revenue goals.
  • Set you up for success — we’ll get every new teammate a Mac laptop or equivalent of their choice and provide a $1500 stipend so you can feel ready to work from home. We also cover up to $350 USD per month if you'd like to rent a co-working desk somewhere.
  • Complete transparency – Everyone has full access to business metrics and financial information about the company.

Learn more about this job here.

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