Looking for some weird, out-of-the-box ways to make extra money on the side?

Here are some of the best ways that could be easy, fun and less competitive than the more traditional methods of making money:

1. Be Someone's Friend at RentAFriend

Get paid to be a +1 or friend at different events like weddings, family gatherings, business events, etc.

There are no fees and only paid members can contact you.

Set your own prices, hours, pick and choose your clients, etc.

Earn up to $50/hour or more in some cases.

2. Donate Poop at Good Nature Program

Donate your poop for science, so they can use their findings to research disease and cures.

Earn $75 per poop; up to $1,500 a month in compensation to donate your poop (compensation may vary by city and is subject to change).

Also, there are frequent donor bonuses for donating four to six days weekly for extended periods of time.

3. Be a Mock Juror at Online Verdict

Take part in a focus group in a mock jury in person or on Zoom.

It's usually 20-60 min per case and pays $30-$350 each.

You must be at least 18 years old and a U.S. citizen.

4. Sell Your Hair at HairSellOn

This site is pretty straight-forward.

You get paid to sell your hair.

It does need to be at least 6 inches long though.

Also, the amount you can expect to earn depends on the length, what's been done to it,

5. Put Ads On Car with Carvertise

With Carvertise, you can put ads on your car from different brands and earn $450-$1500 per campaign.

It all depends on the size of the campaign.

On average, most of their campaigns start with a base of $100/month and are given Cash Contests to boost your earnings throughout the campaign.

All in all, you can earn up to $500/month by driving with them.

You also get paid monthly via direct deposit.

6. Coach Gamers at Gamer Sensei

You are really good at a popular esports or competitive online multiplayer game, you can coach people to get better at it.

You can either coach 1-on-1 or teams.

As far as pay, you can set your own rate, but some averages have been reported on Glassdoor around $30-$40/hour.

You also get a discount on Corsair gaming gear!

7. List Songs On Your Playlists at PlaylistPush

If you are active on Spotify or TikTok creating music playlists that get followers, you can join PlaylistPush and get paid to help new artists.

You can get paid around $15 for every song that you review and put on your playlists.

This will also help new artists get discovered while giving you a chance to make extra money while also finding new music to listen to.

8. Name Businesses at Naming Force

If you think you're pretty creative, you can get paid to name businesses at Naming Force.

Here, they have contests that involve a community of people who submit business names for a company based on what it does, the vibe they are going for, etc.

Naming Force charges a minimum of around $150 per contest, so winners should be paid pretty well.

9. Walk at Sweatcoin

If you do a fair amount of walking or want to start, you can get an app like Sweatcoin that pays you for your steps.

It's available in 50+ countries, tracks steps using GPS, and doesn't require wifi or data.

You can earn a max of 150 sweatcoins/mo or as much as 600 if you spend 30 sweatcoins for the max membership.

You can also earn by watching ads and referring others (5 sweatcoins each referral).

There are also 300+ partnered brands for deals/offers that you can spend your coins on to get workout gear, gift cards, and more.

10. Stand In TV Crowds at Standing Room Only

If you've ever wondered how TV, live shows, movies, and other televised events always have so many people standing around in the audience, it's because some of them are getting paid to do it.

Standing Room Only has listings of events that you can take part in and earn money just by being a stand-in with the crowd.

The pay varies from $20/hour, $50 flat fee, etc.

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