Here are some work-from-home jobs paying $19-$21 per hour with no experience needed at WebstaurantStore and Clark Associates.

The jobs are for WebstaurantStore, an online restaurant supply company.

Check WebstaurantStore employee reviews here.

Their jobs are on the Clark Associates website, which is their parent company that specializes in food service industry equipment, supplies, and service.

Check Clark Associates employee reviews here.

Here's a link to the jobs page to find these positions and apply.

Job details:

  • Title: Customer Solutions Specialist
  • $19-$21 per hour
  • Full-Time
  • A competitive benefits package including paid time off, medical/dental coverage (including telemedicine, 401k match, paid parental and maternity leave (based on tenure), and more

Main requirements:

  • Proficient Typing Abilities
  • College Education (Preferred But Not Required)
  • Access to a reliable and secure high-speed internet connection.
  • Cable or fiber internet connections (at least 75mbps download/10mbps upload) are preferred
  • Access to a home router and modem
  • A dedicated home office space that is noise and distraction-free.
  • The space should have strong wireless connection or a wired Ethernet connection (wired connection is preferred, if possible)
  • A valid, physical address (apartment, suite, etc.)
  • PO Boxes are not supported as a physical address is required for you to receive your computer equipment

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