With all the Google updates and increasing competition for rankings, making your blog go viral can be tough. That's why I've compiled a list of 17 sites for bloggers that can help your blog posts go viral.

Whether you prefer paid or free strategies for your blogging promotions, it is time to start thinking outside the box to set your blog apart and start getting a boost in traffic.



Here are 17 resources I recommend for viral blogging syndication, traffic boosts and more social media shares:


1. Blog Engage

This a great place to submit new articles and get more exposure as part of a community of bloggers. When you send a new post here, it can get voted on by the members of the site and can get on the front page if they love it.

You can also get a lot of shares and backlinks from the members. Visit blogengage.com


2. BizSugar

If you like writing about business, this is a great place for you to share your content. They will vote on your articles based on the value contained in them and the top ones get lots of shares, traffic, links, etc.

Visit www.bizsugar.com


3. Triberr

Here you can find groups of people who write articles in the same niche as you, join them and everyone can share each other's work. Visit triberr.com


4. TribePro

TribePro is somewhat similar to Triberr with tribes of people that write similar articles, but you get automatic shares from people connected to you in your tribes. It's a great place to get more social traffic and shares.

Visit www.tribepro.com


5. PayPerPost

You can use this site to have others write a post reviewing your new post and it will drive its traffic to you. Visit payperpost.com


6. ReviewMe

This website is similar to PayPerPost in that it has bloggers write reviews of your new post and their traffic goes to you. Visit www.reviewme.com


7. Outbrain

Outbrain is great for content syndication. It will help you promote new posts with a cheap cost per click. Lots of people will discover your content through them. Visit www.outbrain.com


8. Zemanta

Zemanta is similar to Outbrain in that it uses a massive network to get your posts discovered. It can be much more cost effective than a regular ad. Check out www.zemanta.com



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9. SimpleReach

SimpleReach has a unique way of syndicating your content. They know which posts tend to go viral and get the most shares, so they crawl your site to figure out which posts would most likely do the best on social media.

Check out simplereach.com


10. Arc

Arc is somewhat similar to a press release service in that it sends your content across sites, social media, blogs, etc. It's owned by PR Newswire.

Visit www.prnewswire.com/multivu/products-services/multimedia-distribution.html


11. Taboola

Taboola is somewhat similar to Zemanta or Outbrain as a syndication platform. It is getting more and more successful in particular with video content. Go to www.taboola.com


12. nRelate

nRelate is featured on sites like CBS News and Tech Republic as a related posts widget. They pride themselves on having quality links related to the article the viewer is reading, so you're bound to get quite a bit of traffic from them.

Go to nrelate.com


13. LinkWithin

LinkWithin is a widget that shows your past content as related posts to readers on your site. It also uses thumbnail images with the related posts for more clicks. As of right now, it doesn't include revenue sharing or other major sites like nRelate.

Check it out at www.linkwithin.com

14. Yarpp

Yarpp (otherwise known as Yet Another Related Post Plugin) is similar to LinkWithin. It puts a widget at the bottom of your blog with related posts that might interest them on your site.

It does not offer a paid service yet, but may in the future. Search for it in WordPress Plugins.


15. Igit

Igit is a useful plugin that allows you to manually choose which related posts you want to show under each post on your blog.

This way you can decide for yourself what your readers might want to read instead of letting a computer auto-generate the related posts.

Check out Igit at wordpress.org/plugins/igit-related-posts-with-thumb-images-after-posts

16. Nster

Nster lets you promote your content on a huge network of publishers on various sites. Make sure you choose the ones most relevant to your blog post that you are promoting.

Learn more at nster.com

17. ZergNet

Zerg has connections like AOL and MTV clients and can help you promote your blog on relevant websites. People looking at other related content will see your post being promoted and then have a chance to go visit it.

Learn more at www.zergnet.com



Writing a good quality blog post is only half the battle. In fact you should be using the 80/20 rule when blogging by spending 20% of your time writing and 80% promoting. Blog posts don't get you leads or sales if nobody sees them.


How To Make The Internet Work For YOU” 

The 3 best ways to build a business online and how to master them all. 

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