With all the Google updates and increasing competition for rankings, getting traffic to your blog can be tough. One strategy for promoting your blog that is usually overlooked though is joining blogging communities (also known as blog directories).

Blogging communities are basically just websites built for blogs of all different kinds of niches that help you get more eyeballs on your valuable content.

You can submit your blog and the community will get to see your posts. Some of these sites even use RSS to promote your posts as they are published.

This is a relatively new strategy for promotion for me that I just kind of recently stumbled upon that seems to be very powerful as long as you write good content.



Not only is it powerful when you use these communities, but after doing some research, I found there are hundreds of these sites built for bloggers.

If you want to boost your blog rankings, you better take a look at these blogging directories and start promoting. Here is a list of over 50 blogging communities or directories that I found:


1. Best Of The Web Blogs

A blog directory that is organized by categories. You can get your blog reviewed and listed here.


2. Bloggeries

A database with a clean design that's goal is to help you find new blogs. You can also submit yours here and know that the directory is human edited for better quality.


3. Scoop.it

A popular site that helps you publish, discover and curate content to get more online exposure.


4. Inbound.org

Built as a community of inbound marketers. The goal of Inbound.org is to allow you to become a better marketer by sharing and discussing ideas, finding jobs and events, and building up a professional profile.


5. Hacker News

Calls itself an open-source clone of Trello (or github.com). You can build up a profile and submit collections of articles here, so it can be seen by its strong community.


6. Blog Catalog

You can submit your blog here where sites are listed by category. People can also search for blogs in this directory.


7. Blogarama

A clean website that allows you to submit your blog to its directory. Users can post reviews and find blogs by search or category.


8. Slashdot

You can submit stories here. It mostly focuses on science and technology. Stories come with a comments section for feedback.


9. Blog Hub

Blog Hub is a blog search directory or blog search engine. It isn't the prettiest site in the world, but it can help your blog.


10. Regator

Regator curates the best articles and blogs from around the internet. You can submit your blog for review and once accepted, your latest posts will be featured on their website.


11. Ice Rocket

Backed by Mark Cuban and based in Dallas, TX, IceRocket has a high-priority indexing queue for blogs that you can submit to.


12. Blog Lovin'

It's a site that helps you discover new blogs and get yours discovered by others. You can follow and like blogs kind of like a social media platform.


13. Eatonweb

Another blog directory that measures and ranks the best blogs. Where will your blog rank?


14. Ontoplist

Ontoplist helps you find new blogs to follow and even search for specific articles.


15. BlogTastic

BlogTastic is a small site that you can submit your blog to. Blogs can searched for using tags here.


16. Blog Search Engine

Here you can search for blogs and subscribe to a blog topic RSS feed of interest to you. And of course, you can submit your blog.


17. Globe of blogs

You can search for blogs by topic, author, title, location, etc. here. It's a great place to submit your blog.


18. Bloggernity

It is a bloggers hangout and directory on the internet.


19. Bloggapedia

Another blog directory you can submit to.


20. Spillbean

Spillbean.com is a good place to submit your blog or find others where everything is categorized by different topics.


21. Blogging Fusion

Here you can browse, search, review and rate thousands of blogs.


22. Blogflux

Blogflux is just a simple blog community with 157,056 blogs as of writing this article.


23. Blog Listing

Here you can  submit your blogs to directories with good Pagerank.


24. Spread My Blog

50 random blogs will be shown every time you reload the page, so you can discover more blogs and get yours discovered.


25. Top Blogging

This directory is sorted by unique visitors.


26. Million Blog List

They call themselves a “blogosphere experiment”.  There goal is to see how long it will take to get 1,000,000 blog to list with their site.


27. Buzzer Hut

You can submit and advertise your blog here for more exposure.


28. Ave Blogs

Just an average directory with a submission service. Not was popular as some of the others.




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29. Wil's Domain

It includes a blog directory, job search and even classified ads.


30. Blogs Rater

Blogs are carefully reviewed before they are admitted on this site. This is great for higher quality blogs.


31. Blogo Wogo

Another directory for bloggers where people can also review your posts.


32. Get Blogs

It's a blogging directory of over 11,000 weblogs in over 190 categories. It's also human edited.


33. Total Blog Directory

A very nicely designed blogging directory with lots of categories.


34. The Ageless Project

This site is mostly for personal blogs that aren't as business oriented. Its goal is to prove that the creative side of the internet is ageless by asking for your birth date when you submit for review.


35. Blog Rate Directory

It has submission for bloggers, reviews, tools and even a forum to help with all your needs in one blog community.


36. Blogdire

Blogdire is another blog directory and search engine with 680 blogs as of writing this article.


37. Blogbar

Their primary objective is to list high quality blogs in their directory.


38. Blogadr

Blogadr is a free blog directory that is human edited.


39. A1 Web Directory

This directory is organized by continents and topics.


40. Blogs By Country

Blogs are listed here by country.


41. Blogit

Blogit is a small community of bloggers.


42. Blog Rankers

These blogs are classified by country and categories. The home page has a ranking of the top blogs on the site.


43. Web-dir

Web-dir has been around since 2003 as an information directory where you can submit your site.


44. Loadedweb

Available in multiple countries, Loadedweb is a purely geo-centric directory of businesses, blogs and even Twitter users.


45. Blogville

You can search for blogs here by keywords, URL or using an advanced search.


46. LS Blogs

LSBlogs is an established blog search engine and directory. Submit blogs, blog hosts, tools and related sites here.


47. Blog Dirs

Another plain and simple blog directory for you to submit to.


48. Bloggernow

Bloggernow is a place to search for latest blog news, political and entertainment topics.


49. Blogs Collection

Search for blogs by category or country here.


50. Blog Top List

Includes blog ranking, categories and more.


51. Blog Top Sites

Another blogging community with a pretty good amount of traffic.


52. Blogs Rating

They call themselves one of the largest and most reputable authority review sites of blogs.


53. Blog Web Directory

It's a searchable directory of weblogs selected by humans to ensure the highest quality results. There are also ratings and reviews.


54. Bloggers Directory

It's more local and country based than most other communities or directories like it.


55. Blog Announce

They say they are one of the strongest directories rated by Aviva.


56. Blog-directory.org

This directory has a great Pagerank of 6 and pretty good traffic on top of that.




There are plenty of great blog directories and communities to submit your blog to that will help you get discovered by more people. Submitting to these sites could have a big impact of your traffic and branding if you take advantage. For more blog promotions sites, read more here.

Which of these top blogging communities is your favorite for getting discovered by more people?


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    • Rameez

      I think you have compiled the best list for blog promotion directories and portals, I really appreciate the effort as it saved my and will save time for thousands of others 🙂 Thumbs up Justin Bryant!

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