Check out this work-from-home job paying around $4750/month with little experience required to apply.

It's a Startup Advisor position at a, a company with courses, expert advice, and software for startup founders.


Our Startup Advisors focus on inside sales to prolific and passionate Startup founders.

Every day new startup founders join the family of sites.

Our Startup Advisors provide professional insight and services to help these founders grow their businesses.

The primary goal of our Startup Advisor is to educate founders on the value and benefit of our “Founder Groups” product.

We engage our clients through a combination of phone and email communications, helping guide them into the appropriate Founder Group to serve their specific needs.

All of our leads to new client discussions are inbound from startups looking for our help.

It's our job to figure out where and how we can help them.

Our engagement sizes with startups are very modest – usually just a few thousand dollars – so the average Advisors will be working with dozens of startups through the close process in a given month.


We seek people who are passionate, intelligent, and hungry. We care most that your personality and your ability to really dig into the needs of our clients.

  • You must be a people person—a large part of this job involves being on the phone with entrepreneurs. Obviously we engage in a fair amount of email communication, but we pride ourselves on being personally accessible to our clients. Therefore, time on the phone is important.
  • If you don't already have a working knowledge of how startups grow, we will teach you. Most people don't, which is why we are here. But you have to demonstrate that you are hungry to learn. If you have experience working with or in a startup, that's a huge plus.
  • We’re looking for sales professionals who have demonstrated their ability to walk clients through a sales process from prospecting to close. We need to know you understand how to not only consult to understand a client's needs, but how to close a sale effectively.


We offer medical, dental, and vision coverage. We need you healthy to do your best work.


Every person in our company owns a piece of the company. A signing bonus in stock will be made available so that you are a part of the company from Day 1.


Two weeks + Maternity and Paternity leave


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Justin Bryant

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