With the One Up app for iOS, you can bet against another player in a one-on-one match of video games like Madden, FIFA, NHL, or NBA 2K.

The winner of the match gets all the money except for the 10% fee that One Up takes for providing the platform.

This means, if you and another gamer match on the app and each put in $25 for a total of $50 in the pot, the winner makes about a $22.50 profit after One Up takes their 10% fee.

Plus, each game will usually last less than an hour, so if you're good, that's about $20 per hour or more playing video games!

You can use this app for the games mentioned above on the Xbox One and PS4 gaming consoles.

You can check out the One Up website here.

And here's a link to the One Up app in the Apple App Store.

*This post was originally published 09/18/2019 and was recently updated.

Justin Bryant
Justin Bryant

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