Sleep Junkie, a website dedicated to mattress reviews and sleep tips, has a new gig they're taking applications for.

The gig is called the “Sleeping Beauty.”


It pays you $3,000 to spend 2 months sleeping as normal, but on 3 different mattresses that Sleep Junkie wants you to review.

At the end of the two-month period, you get to keep whichever mattress you liked best, which can be worth up to $1,500!

What you're reviewing:

You'll be reviewing things like your sleep quality, mood and comfort of the mattress.


To apply for this, you need to be a self-starter that has good writing skills, evaluation skills, and are able to sleep alone throughout the two months.

They want you to sleep alone while testing, so you can properly evaluate the mattresses without distractions or other factors the aren't in your control.

You'll also need plenty of space and easy accessibility for the mattresses to be delivered and collected.

Justin Bryant
Justin Bryant

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