Here are some sites where you can work from home sending chat messages without an interview:

1. Studypool

At Studypool, you can get paid to become a tutor who answers homework question via chat messages.

You get to keep around 80% of whatever the client pays you to answer their question.

They also accept tutors worldwide in countless subjects that usually seem to be geared towards high school and college-level.

Top tutors here have made around $7500/month, but there's no guarantee the average person would make that without putting in a lot of work.

2. JustAnswer

At JustAnswer, you can get paid to chat with people who need answers to questions that have to do with your expertise in a certain profession.

Usually, people who make money here are mechanics, doctors, veterinarians, lawyers, etc.

This site helps people save money by asking a question to a professional online before making an expensive, in-person appointment.

This man actually worked his way up from around $5 to $20 (around $120/hour) per answered question on JustAnswer as an RV expert.

3. Kickoff

At Kickoff, you can make money chatting with clients as a personal trainer.

This app is highly rated because it saves people time and money from having to pay by the hour or meet trainers at a particular gym in person.

According to Kickoff's website, you can make up to around $8,000/month while training up to around 100 clients.

They even help you get new clients!

This site does require some qualifications though:

  • 3+ years of 1-on-1 coaching experience
  • Current personal trainer certification or 4 year undergraduate equivalent
  • Extremely high emotional intelligence
  • Expertise in training and the human body
  • Ability to build a coach profile on Kickoff that wows prospective clients
  • Willingness to recruit at least 1 client yourself

4. 1Q

At 1Q, you can get paid to text answers to questions or to use their app to take surveys.

These questions are for market research purposes.

Typically, you would earn between $0.25 and $0.50 per answer via PayPal.

They also seem to have instant payouts.

5. Used Conex

At Used Conex, you can get paid to be a Chat Rep that helps sell shipping containers.

This is a job that has flexible hours and is for independent contractors.

Also, keep in mind that this is typically 100% commission-based.

They say you can earn up to $10,000/month, but that's probably if you are a top performer.

That being said, it is nice that you can do a sales job where you aren't on the phone all day and can focus on just doing chat messaging.

There is also daily training to help you and no experience is needed to apply.

They also have very good BBB ratings.

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