If you're a marketer for any kind of business, and actually know what you're doing, you probably are using an email service to reach your potential customers.

Email marketing has proven that it is still one of the best ways to get more sales and when you look at Getresponse vs Aweber, it doesn't get much better.

Getresponse and Aweber have proven to be two of the top email marketing services around.

Each has a massive list of happy customers and they have accounted for millions of dollars in sales for countless companies and business owners.


getresponse vs aweber


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Getresponse vs Aweber: Which Is Better?


Obviously, pricing is a major factor with any service involved in a business. For new entrepreneurs, you have to keep costs low and for big businesses, you want to get the most for your money and cut costs to increase profit.

Getresponse starts out at $15 a month for monthly payments and Aweber starts at $19. It's only a $4 difference, but if you look closely at their pricing, Getresponse's $15 a month gets you up to 1,000 subscribers. Aweber's $19 gets you up to just 500 before the cost goes up.

At $25 a month, you can have up to 2,500 subscribers, and with Aweber you get the same for $29. As the subscriber limits increase, it's always about the same difference in price. Although, this is not including the discounts Getresponse offers for annual billing.

The pricing edge goes to Getresponse.

Opt In Forms

As a blogger myself, I use opt in forms for collecting subscribers who are interested in learning more about what my blogs are about or if they just want to get updates when new content is published. Most bloggers do this, as well as other big business sites.

So who has the best opt in forms between Aweber and Getresponse? I've used both services quite a bit and I have to give this one to Aweber. I have had more complications with Getresponse forms than Aweber, although it isn't exactly a huge difference.

I believe Aweber has slightly more templates to choose from and I think their coding is a little better when it comes to embedding these forms on sites.

I give the opt in form edge to Aweber by a slight margin.


When it comes to email automation using RSS emails and autoresponders, you need to try and have the best you can get. If you are crunched for time, you need to have these emails going out consistently to satisfy your leads, as well as look professional and accomplish the goals you have for these emails.

The two main aspects of email automation are RSS emails (also called blog broadcasts) and autoresponder emails (a series of emails sent automatically after the opt in). After using both services, I concluded that Getresponse has a much better RSS email service, which is essential for my blogs.

As far as autoresponders, it is a tie in my book. Although I prefer Getresponse slightly because of the ease of use and cleaner layout, Aweber really has just as good of an autoresponder that others may prefer.

Overall, Getresponse has the edge in complete automation because of its much better RSS emails and just as good of an autoresponder as Aweber.

Overall Email Composition

Obviously email composition is one of the most important parts of picking a good email service that works for you. It needs to be clean, simple, and have many custom options. Both services fulfill this pretty well. But, the inbox preview and clean layout of Getresponse takes the cake in this category.

When you are composing an email, not only does Getresponse have over 500 different email templates, it has a very clean, responsive email creator and on the side, it shows you exactly what your email is going to look like on different devices.

So you will know how it looks when your prospects get your email, before you even send it to them. Both have a nice drag and drop creator for emails, but Aweber just doesn't have the kind of technology Getresponse does.

Once again, Getresponse gets the edge in the overall email composition.

List Importing

If you have leads from other services or that you have collected from many different sources, you want as much ease as possible when it comes to importing in your new service. The problem with Aweber, is when you import your list, each subscriber has to opt in again to be on your new Aweber list.

When this happens, you lose a lot of subscribers that may have been potential customers. But, Getresponse actually lets you import your list without making them opt in again. You can easily export your list into a text file and import them right away.

The list will go through their system and if everything looks credible, your leads will show up in your Getresponse list within a few hours or even minutes. For big lists, it takes maybe a few days, but because of the option of now having to make your leads opt in again, it's much better.

The edge in list importing easily goes to Getresponse.


How are you supposed to know what email campaigns work and which ones don't if you can't get decent tracking stats from your service. Both Aweber and Getresponse do a great job of giving you real time stats on how your emails are doing with things like open rates and click-through rates.

Both services even have an app for you to be able and check your stats while you're out away from the office. But, once again, Getresponse takes things to a whole new level. They include metrics such as goal conversions, email ROI, social share stats, one on one email comparisons and even email client stats on different devices.

Aweber includes the standard open rates, clickthrough rates, unsubscribe rates, dates and times, but it seems like Getresponse just has a few more additional statistics that could further help your marketing. Plus, their design makes it easier to look over the data.

The edge in the tracking department goes to Getresponse.


When it comes to getting your emails delivered to the inbox of your subscribers, these two email marketing giants are two of the best. They both seem to have deliverability in the 90's percentage wise. From the research I've done, you won't see much of a difference between Getresponse vs Aweber deliverability.

One top internet marketer claims that Aweber has gotten to where its deliverability isn't as reliable anymore because of the high number of spammers that use the service now. But, this is speculation and the comment did not have any cold hard facts to prove the point.

So, in regards to email deliverability, Aweber and Getresponse are tied.


The Verdict

Although Aweber is still a great email marketing service, I had to switch from them to Getresponse for the reasons I have outlined in this article. I had always thought that Aweber was just always the best option for email marketing, but don't just go off of what a few old school marketers say, do your research.

I believe Aweber had its time at the top for a good while, but is now in second or third place among the email marketing services. Getresponse has used higher end technology, cleaner layouts, better pricing, higher quality features and more options to separate itself as a better email service.

When it comes to the head to head battle of Getresponse vs Aweber, Getresponse won me over as the better choice. What are your thoughts?


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    8 replies to "Getresponse vs Aweber Comparison Of Email Services"

    • Brett Hoffstadt

      Thanks for the perspective and comparison! Very helpful.

      • Justin

        No problem Brett! Glad you liked it!

    • Tumi Maape

      Hey Justin,great article…I have to agree with you on this one,I also use GetResponse for the reasons you’ve listed above. I was with Aweber but I switched after testing it against GetResponse as well.

      • Justin Bryant

        Glad you liked it Tumi! They are both great, but Getresponse seems to be the more logical choice as of right now.

    • alcott

      same as you I had to switch from Aweber to GetResponse and I’m really happy because of it!

      • Justin Bryant

        Getresponse is a great service and so is Aweber, but yes I definitely am more of a Getresponse guy. Glad the switch worked out for you!

    • Justin

      Thank you for the comparison, especially with the autoresponders. I switched awhile back to GR but am having issues.

      Now, I think I will work through them…

      Thanks again!

      • Justin Bryant

        I’m sure whatever it is, it can be fixed. Glad you liked the review

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