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Attention capturing email subject lines are the most important part of your email marketing to your list of leads. Without good email subject lines, your emails will never even get opened, therefore possibly costing you some valuable sales.

Obviously you don’t want to lose sales, and emailing your list is the best way to communicate with your leads and give them a reason to buy from you. That’s why you MUST get them to read your emails, so that a percentage of your leads WILL become customers.



What Creates The Best Email Subject Lines?

For an email subject line to really do its job, it must grab the attention of your leads. To do that you have to be very creative and do a lot of testing to see what your list responds to the most. There are some things you could trigger in your subject lines that will get attention almost every time.

1. Curiosity – Make them curious and have to open your email to read more on the subject.

2. Questions – If they read your email subject line and have questions, they’ll will want them answered. Therefore they would have to click to read the email, so that the questions could be answered.

3. Stats – Give your leads stats and proof, because some people have the kind of personality that just wants to skip the fluff and the BS and get to the numbers and break down stats on why your product works.

4. Specifics – Don’t be really broad. Get your leads’ attention and let them know that you will give them the exact specifics and not leave anything out, so that they know exactly what’s going on.

5. Pictures – Many people are visual people. They see a lot of words without graphics or videos and just leave. Tell them there are interesting pictures in your emails in the subject line and they will want to see them, even if they aren’t visual people.

6. Weird Sounds – Show them that you are fun and not just hooked on getting them to buy. Show your sense of humor and your leads will connect with you better. Ex: LOL, Hmmmm, Yooo, Woah, Yaaay, etc. Even use smiley face like this ==> :-)

It is all about getting a high open rate in your emails! That is your first goal when it comes to emailing your leads list.

Examples Of Good Email Subject Lines:

– Hilarious Video Inside! (open up)

– This Ticks Me Off (rant enclosed)

– LOL These Pictures Are Will Crack You Up :-)

– I Hate When This Happens (open up)

– [Free Video] How To Make $1,000 Per Day

– The Top 5 Screwups To Avoid In Home Business

– It Doesn’t Matter Who Gets Elected. Here’s Why…

I could go on and on, but everyone’s list is different. What you need to do is create some very attention-getting subject lines for your emails and test them out to see which ones get opened and which ones don’t. Also, just think about what you would open if you were in their shoes. It helps a lot. Then, when you find some that really get a good response, save them in your autoresponder, so that you future incoming leads will automatically see them and open up the  emails. Utilizing the autoresponder in this way could easily get you faster sales after people join your list.

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Spend more time thinking of good email subject lines more than anything, because those are what lay the foundation for your email marketing.

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