Think email marketing is dead? Wrong. Think email marketing is slowing down? Wrong. It is stronger than ever and giving more businesses better conversions, ROIs and passive income than ever before.

As long as you do it right, effective email marketing helps you get more returning website visitors, automated sales and turn regular website visitors into hot leads better than anything else.

Need proof? Don't worry, I've come prepared. Here is a compilation of some of the most eye-opening statistics and metrics on the power of email marketing…



62 Eyebrow Raising Email Marketing Statistics And Metrics

Does Email Marketing Work?

1. For every $1 spent, the average return on investment for email marketing is $44.25.

2. 91% of consumers check their email everyday.

3. By 2016, there will be about 4.3 billion email accounts.

4. 66% of online consumers have made a purchase as a result of an email.

5. Email marketing has an average ROI of 4,300%. Click To Tweet.

6. The annual increase in email marketing spending is about 10%.

7. 82% of consumers open some kind of marketing emails.

8. About 44% of email recipients make at least one purchase based on a promotional email over the course of a year.

9. People who buy products or services marketed through email spend 138% more than those who did not receive promotions via email.

10. 55% of companies generate more than 10% of sales from email marketing.

11. 8% of companies generate more than 50% of sale from email marketing.

12. 66% of in-house marketers agree that the ROI of email marketing is either ‘excellent' or ‘good'.

Takeaway: Email marketing is going stronger than ever and is actually growing more and more. It has an incredible return on investment if you use it right, so you should be making it a top priority to take advantage.


The Importance Of Email Timing

1. 10PM-9AM is the worst time for your business to send emails. Click To Tweet.

2. Between 2 and 5PM is when most emails are opened.

3. About 24% of emails are opened within an hour of arriving in inboxes.

4. Emails sent on Monday had the highest revenue per email of any day of the week.

5. Email open rates are noticeably lower on weekends that they are on weekdays.

Takeaway: Email your list during work hours on weekdays after lunch for the highest open rates. Don't worry to much about emailing on weekends and save some of your most important promotions for Mondays.


Subject Lines And Open Rate

1. 90% of marketers say they don't spend enough time on email subject lines.

2. Emails with a personalized subject line get a 22.3% better open rate.

3. 35% of emails are opened based on the subject line alone. Click To Tweet.

4. Email subject lines with the word ‘newsletter' in them receive a 18.7% decrease in open rates.

5. 69% of email subscribers report email as ‘spam' based only on the subject line.

6. The average open rate for an average company is between 11 and 15%.

7. The average open rate for top performing companies is between 16 and 20%.

8. The first follow-up email that is received after someone subscribes is the one that gets the highest open rate, usually at 70% or more.

9. Subject lines with less than 10 characters had a 49.73% open rate.

Takeaway: Marketers realize how important subject lines are, but a lot of times don't always use them effectively.

You need to get this right before anything else because even if you have great promotions or content, people won't open your emails if the subject lines are lacking.

Use short, personalized subject lines and even include numbers that are very related to what your list is interested in for best results.


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Email Content

1. Emails with social sharing buttons have a 158% higher CTR (click-through rate). Click To Tweet.

2. If marketers optimized emails for image blocking, they would see a ROI (return on investment) increase of 9% or more.

3. The overall average click-through rate for emails is 3.6%.

4. Top performing companies in email marketing get between a 5.1 and 10% click-through rate.

5. 23.95% of opened emails are only opened for 3 seconds or less.

Takeaway: Use social media sharing buttons and clear links to where you want your subscribers to go. If you use images, keep them to a minimum and optimize emails for the image blocking detectors.

Otherwise, I recommend refraining from using email images because they trigger filters, can mess up the email and make the email file size much larger. Also, keep emails short and to the point with a link. People have short attention spans.


List Hygiene

1. On average, almost 50% of email list subscribers are inactive. Click To Tweet.

2. 49% of marketers clean their lists on a regular basis.

Takeaway: Don't get discouraged if 75% of your list isn't opening your emails, because around half of all lists are inactive on average. You may want to clean out inactive subscribers from time to time to save money on your email service bill, as well as keep your list more engaged.



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Mobile Integration

1. 48% of emails are opened on mobile devices.

2. 35% of professional business people check their email on some kind of mobile device.

3. For users between the ages of 18 and 44, email is the most popular activity on smartphones.

4. Women click 10% more often on mobile email than men do. Click To Tweet.

5. 28.5% of consumers have subscribed to an email list from within a mobile app.

Takeaway: Almost half of all online traffic is now mobile and email is no different. It's much easier for people to quickly check their email on their smartphone app, than logging into their computer every time.

Make sure all your email marketing is mobile-optimized because the trends will continue to grow in that direction.


The Best And Worst Performing Industries For Email Marketing

1. The home and building services industry has the highest average email bounce rate at 14.64%.

2. The civic/social membership (associations, clubs, etc.) industry gets the lowest average email bounce rates at 2.71%.

3. The child care services industry gets the highest email open rates at 40.25%.

4. The insurance industry gets the lowest email open rates at just 6.95%. Click To Tweet.

5. The automotive services industry gets the highest CTR (click-through rate) at 13.32%.

6. The salon, spa and barber industry gets the lowest CTR (click-through rate) at just 4.04%.

7. The animal services industry has the highest average opt-out rate at 0.49%.

8. The civic/social membership (associations, clubs, etc.) industry has the lowest average opt-out rate at 0.03%.

constant contact email chart

Credit and full chart at Constant Contact.

Takeaway: If you have some kind of exclusive club or membership business, the numbers look good for you. Opt-out rates and bounce rates are the best for this industry.

Otherwise, if you want to see the average numbers for your industry, so you know what to expect, here's a complete breakdown.


In Comparison To Alternatives

1. Email conversion rates are 3x higher than they are on social media.

2. Email conversions have a 17% higher value than those from social media.

3. Subscribers that are younger than 25 years of age prefer SMS over email.

4. 74% of online adults prefer email over direct mail for commercial communications.

5. Studies show that email is around 40x more effective at acquiring new customers than Twitter and Facebook. Click To Tweet.

Takeaway: When it comes to social media and email marketing for your business, you definitely want to spend more money and effort on your email strategy.

Email is the preferred way of marketing, not only by a lot of businesses, but also by consumers, according to the numbers. Of course, young people prefer SMS, so keep that in mind if that's your target audience.


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Why People Unsubscribe

1. 35.4% of unsubscribing is because of consumers receiving emails too frequently. Click To Tweet.

2. The average unsubscribe rate is 0.25%.

3. 14% of people unsubscribe because they are just tired of the brand.

4. Average companies get an unsubscribe rate between 0.11 and .20%.

5. Top performing companies get an unsubscribe rate of less than 0.10%.

Takeaway: Although 14% of people unsubscribe because they just get tired of your brand, focus on not sending too many emails. A big chunk of people that unsubscribe don't want very frequent emails.

Other than that, you can minimize your unsubscribe rate by always delivering on your promises to your list and using the 80/20 rule to give them 80% value and only 20% promotions.


Email Deliverability

1. The email bounce rate for companies that send less than one email per month is about 4.4%.

2. The email bounce rate for companies that send emails more than once per week is 0.5%.

3. Over 20% of marketing emails never even make it to their subscriber's inbox. Click To Tweet.

4. Companies with average email performance get between 2.1 and 5% bounce rates.

5. Top performing companies in email marketing get bounce rates that are less than 2%.

Takeaway: Email more, but don't over-email. If you hardly send emails each month, not only will your subscribers forget about your brand, your deliverability will take a significant hit for the people that still do remember you.

I recommend emailing no more than 3-4 times per week, depending on what you company is trying to accomplish.



Email marketing is alive and well. It's actually growing in popularity with businesses and the results speak for themselves. I mean, what other marketing avenues will get you a 4,300% ROI?

What do you think are the most jaw-dropping email marketing statistics and metrics on this list?





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    • Sunday

      Hey Justin,

      Indeed, these statistics and metrics are proof that email marketing is still alive! For those wanting proof this piece is all they need to remain convinced!

      Email marketing is still effective for online business success – as long as it is done right.

      The takeaways after each segment in this post help readers to make and take action plans for their email marketing campaign!

      Thanks for sharing this awesome post!
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    • Sherman Smith

      Hey Justin,

      I knew that email marketing had some power, but I didn’t know it had this much power.

      Like Sunday said, it’s definitely not dead and if you’re not taking advantage of email marketing, then you’re definitely losing out on conversions.

      it’s a great way to build your brand, show how competent you are, and build rapport with your subscribers. With that said, it makes it easier for you two sale.

      It’s also said that an opportunity, product or service has to be expose 10.4 times on average in order for your leads to make that purchase. Email will definitely be convenient for anyone to do this!

      Thanks for the share Justin! Have a great weekend!

      I found your post on under the categories of email marketing and internet marketing

      • Justin Bryant

        Thanks Sherman. I’m glad you liked the post. I completely agree with all the points you made. Have a great weekend yourself!

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