Have you ever heard that Facebook Pages are dead? With pages, you could increase Facebook likes organically a little, but you needed to rely mostly on ads to get most of your likes. But, at least engagement was really good back then for business pages.

Nothing good lasts forever though, does it? When, Facebook became a public company on the stock market in 2012, they started doing anything they could to get more ad revenue. So what did they do? They sharply decreased engagement.

What better way to get people to pay for more ads, than to make businesses work 10x harder to get the same amount of followers to see their posts? This idea of more revenue led to Facebook's launch of its “news feed algorithm”.



It wasn't pretty when this algorithm came out. Over time it decreased Facebook Page engagement all the way down to about 4%. In fact, in December 2013, there was a 44% drop in brands' organic reach in a mere 12 days, according to the Ignite Social Media agency.

Facebook Pages seemed dead to the world and brands are starting to look elsewhere for marketing campaigns. But, as recently discovered, there is hope. Some Facebook Pages have been stumbled upon that have incredible results.

These pages weren't even relying on nothing but ads either. They knew how to increase Facebook likes organically. Just look at some of the results one page was getting:

increase facebook likes organically

These results came from a Facebook Page called, “Quirky Momma“, from August 2014. Through research of different pages that have actually defied the odds and gotten ridiculous engagement numbers on their pages, we have come up I've come up with 21 tips to increase results like they did.

how to increase facebook likesorganicallywithoutads



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Increase Facebook Likes Organically (And Engagement)

1. Have a goal of what kind of exposure number (people talking about this) you want to shoot for.

2. Don't bother with hashtags on Facebook. Save that stuff for Twitter or other platforms where it actually works.

3. Share other Facebook page posts on your page that are related. This helps both pages go viral.

4. Post on your page about 15x per day. Like on Twitter, if only a small percentage of your followers see each post, post more and those percentages add together.


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5. Don't feel like you need a bunch of third party software to manage your page. Brands are successful without it.

6. Send traffic from Facebook to Facebook. Why? Because Facebook loves Facebook. Upload videos, share other Facebook stuff.

7. Make people feel good. Like comments, comment back, share, and just interact with your fans.

8. Host contests with cool prizes on your page.

9. Give email list subscribers a chance to checkout and like your page.

10. Have a Facebook like button or widget for your page on your website or blog.

11. Test your posts. Test which ones seem to get more engagement than others. Give the people what they want. When they like your posts more, you get more shares, and you then get more organic eyeballs on your page.

12. Post different types of posts. Don't be so predictable or boring. Do some videos, share some blog posts, share other page posts, do some inspiring quotes, post some pictures, etc.

13. Ask questions to your fans. This is one of the best ways to get some comments and engagement. More engagement = more chances to increase Facebook likes organically.

14. Invite Facebook friends to like your Facebook Page. There's actually a button on your page for this. Take advantage!


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15. Reuse old content that hasn't been posted in a long time. Don't post the same post multiple times a week, but every few months you may resurrect and old blog post you shared or something like that.

16. Know when your Facebook fans are online. Facebook has plenty of different statistics it gathers from your pages. In the post section, go find the graph that shows which times and days of the week your fans are online the most.

17. Post at the right time of day. According to Buffer, there tends to be more shares on Facebook posts around 1:00 PM  and more clicks around 3 PM. Post certain posts at certain times of the day on purpose for the best results.

18. For special weekly posts or posts for testing purposes, save them for Thursday and Friday as those are the days with the most engagement.

19. Find other Facebook Pages in your niche that are doing much better than the competition with their page. Study them, find patterns and implement.

20. Connect your other social media accounts with your Facebook Page. Many people are have larger followings on certain social media sites than others. Connect them as much as possible to encourage people to follow your Facebook as well.

21. Share your Facebook updates on other social media sites, email broadcasts, etc. To do this get the link of the individual post and paste it in other social media platforms as an update on there. This will get more traffic to your page.



Although some social media brands are saying you should just forget about Facebook Pages and move on to other things, it's being proven that they can still be valuable assets. You can still increase Facebook likes organically, as well as engagement by following these 21 tips.


75 Tools For Turbocharging Your Social Following” 

Learn which tools the experts use to dominate and automate social media. 

Download Your Free Report Here

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