I could have easily named this article, “How To Get Thousands Of Twitter Followers“, instead of, “How To Get Thousands Of Targeted Twitter Followers“, but there's a big difference. You don't just want a lot of followers, you want to get targeted Twitter followers that are more likely to love your brand and want to interact with your tweets.

Whether you're in marketing, real estate, blogging, or just love to meet people on Twitter, getting more followers (especially targeted ones) can make you or your business very popular. Do you know how to get targeted twitter followers for free and without using blackhat methods? Look no further…



Follow And They Shall Follow Back

One of the easiest ways to build your following is to follow others, especially others that are following a brand much like yours. If you're doing Twitter just for fun, you may just follow people that have similar friends to you, but if you're doing this for branding or traffic, you want to follower the followers of your competitors.

You don't necessarily need to focus on only your competitors, but just similar brands that you think would have a similar audience to yours. You could follow people one by one through Twitter's site or you could use a tool like Tweepi.

Tweepi is used by many marketers to target certain followers on Twitter and then follow them in bulk to save time. This way, you can use Tweepi to get more of the followers you want and get them in less time. To do this, just use Tweepi's “follow followers” feature.

This feature allows you to look up others with a similar audience to yours on Twitter and then follow people in that audience. You can then expect around 15-20% of these people to follow you back. Therefore, you build your targeted followers doing this.

But, another thing to keep in mind is that you don't want to look desperate for followers. If you have zero followers, you might buy a few hundred from Fiverr for $5 to make you look a little more credible. Then, when you get to where you are following way more people than are following back, use Tweepi to unfollow the ones who didn't follow you back.

It keeps your profile lean and will help you with Twitter's follow rule that takes effect when you get more popular.

Twitter's Following Rules:

  • You can follow up to 2000 people with no limitations.
  • Once you hit 2000, you can't exceed a certain ratio of people you're following to followers. You can't have a whole lot more people you're following than you have actual followers.
  • You can't usually follow more than 10% of who is following you. Otherwise, your account is considered spam.
  • Churning (following too many or unfollowing too many at one time consistently) will get your account suspended.

Don't follow or unfollow too many at one time because the last thing you want to do is get your account suspended.



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Use Popular Hashtags For More Twitter Followers

What's is a hashtag? A hashtag is a word or phrase attached to a “#” that categorizes a post, making it easier to find (Ex: #socialmedia). You want to figure out which hashtags are popular for your specific brand and use them in your Tweets to attract more new followers.

Most popular English hashtags on Twitter for August 2014:

1. #MTVHottest

2. #vote5sos

3. #gameinsight

4. #votedemilovato

5. #android

6. #RT

7. #androidgames

8. #ipad

9. #Ferguson

10. #ipadgames

11. #TeamFollowBack



14. #VMA


16. #MGWV

17. #FF

18. #iphone

19. #followback

20. #nowplaying

As you can see, the popular hashtags people are using tend to be in many different categories, so you wouldn't want to use most of them for your brand. You must keep your hashtags related to your brand and what you are doing.

For instance, here are some of the top business hashtags:

1. #jobs

2. #business

3. #sales

4. #economy

5. #marketing

6. #socialmedia

7. #startup

Make use of 2 or 3 hashtags when you Tweet. Make these hashtags targeted to the audience you want and based on what your brand is all about, whether it is business, food, entertainment, technology, etc.   Related: Instagram Mastery: How To Get More Followers And Likes

Using A Website Or Blog Following

Another great way to get targeted twitter followers is by having a place on your website or blog for people to follow you. Just like on my blog, as well as many others', we have a Twitter follow button where people can follow us without even leaving the page.

If you have any kind of traffic on your site or blog and want to build a big twitter following, I highly recommend you put a button where people can follow you right from the site. To do this, use this Twitter follow button creator.

Post Multiple Times Per Day

One of my mistakes when I was starting out in building my Twitter following is I didn't post but just once a day. While this may be more effective on platforms like Facebook or Google+, it isn't on Twitter.

Twitter is a real-time updating social platform that only shows you the most recent Tweets. This means, that with the amount of people the average person follows, they will only see posts from the last few minutes when they check their Twitter account.

To take advantage of this, you need to post multiple times per day to get as many of your Twitter followers engaged as possible. There are some tools that can actually help you with this, such as a plugin called, “Repeat Old Post” or a software called, “Social Oomph”.

Those are mainly for bloggers or people looking to get traffic or website engagement from Twitter. You could just post a few times throughout the day and spread it out. There is also a tool called, “Hootsuite” that can help with scheduling Tweets if you are busy.


These are some of the top ways that I gained thousands of targeted twitter followers for free. If you focus on following the right people, using the right hashtags, putting a follow button on your site, and tweeting several times daily, you will build a large, targeted Twitter following for free in no time.


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Learn which tools the experts use to dominate and automate social media. 

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