If you want a work-from-home job little or no experience as well as no degree required, while giving you a free Mac laptop and Kindle, check out the Product Support Expert position at Follow Up Boss.

Follow Up Boss is a CRM for high-growth real estate businesses.

Product Support Expert at Follow Up Boss

Here are more details about the job:

What You'll Do:

  • Answering incoming phone calls from customers via Zendesk to answer product questions, help connect lead sources and integrations, and troubleshoot issues. 
  • Answering support tickets via Zendesk to help customers.
  • Helping new customers get started and winning them over from the get-go.
  • Monitoring accounts to ensure that our customers are thrilled, and looking out for (and addressing) warning signs of churn.
  • Advocating customers’ requests and needs across the entire company. (We use Basecamp to communicate internally.)
  • Educating about newly released features and functionality.
  • Contributing to our Help Center (help.followupboss.com) and internal documentation.


  • The estimated compensation is around $60,000/year for this position.
  • Work remotely: Live and work wherever you like!
  • Competitive salary: Our career framework pays in the top 10% no matter where you live.
  • Insurance: Company paid health, dental & vision insurance for all of our team members and their families.
  • Family leave: generous family leave – fully paid!
  • Home office setup: Get a Macbook Pro + $1000 to set up your home office.
  • Personal development stipend: $1000 per year to focus on bettering yourself.
  • 401(k): With 6% company match!
  • Retreats: Join us for company get-togethers every year!
  • Co-working stipend: Get some extra cash for a co-working space or a coffee shop work.
  • Free books and Kindle: Get a free Kindle and all the free books – digital and audio – you like, anytime.
  • Gym: Monthly stipend to keep you active and feeling good.
  • Money each month to spend on caffeine.


  • Self-motivated and proactive mindset.
  • Remote work experience is considered an asset.
  • Experience in a SAAS company is considered an asset.
  • Being amenable to weekend hours is an asset, but not required.
  • Based in the USA, quiet home office with fast internet.
  • Prior experience in a customer-facing role (Support, Success, Account Management, or Sales).

About You:

  • You always go out of your way to support customers; no problem is too hard to solve
  • You are known for your positive outlook; you are a glass half full type of person who is known for turning challenges into opportunities
  • You would describe yourself as patient, empathetic and having a good sense of humor
  • You’re independent, self-motivated and can stay efficient and productive without someone looking over your shoulder all day long
  • Superb written and verbal skills (with a professional yet fun demeanor)
  • You consider yourself tech savvy and efficient with SaaS applications

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