Here are 10 of the easiest work-from-home jobs for beginners in no particular order:

1. Search Engine Evaluation

Search engine evaluation jobs can be great for beginners because they don't require a lot of qualifications.

Usually, what you'll be doing in this line of work is make sure that search results in search engines like Google are relevant to search queries.

The only problems with this line of work are that the pay isn't that high and usually hours are part-time.

But, as a beginner, you can't always be picky.

For websites that have lots of search engine evaluation jobs worldwide, check out Welocalize, Lionbridge and Teemwork.

2. Transcription

With transcription work, all you do is listen to audio files and type out what you here as well as who is saying it into text format.

Usually, you don't need any experience to be a transcriptionist, but you will need one skill: fast typing.

You can test your word per minute (WPM) typing speed and accuracy for free at

As far as websites that have this kind of work, try TranscribeMe or Net Transcripts.

3. Virtual Assistant

Another fairly easy type of work that you can do as a beginner is virtual assistant work.

As a virtual assistant, you'll do different tasks that usually involve:

  • data entry
  • scheduling
  • email management
  • research
  • social media management

Some virtual assistant websites prefer more experience than others, so it can be hard to find sites that don't require experience.

You might want to look for job listing sites or freelance sites like UpWork.

4. Data Entry

Data entry is pretty straight forward. You usually just type information into a database, spreadsheet, or something like that.

This is another line of work that might not require you to have a lot of experience, but will probably demand a high WPM typing speed.

Check out Robert Half, Zeitcaster and Amazon for data entry jobs you can do online.

At Amazon, look for jobs that say something like “Alexa Data Associate.”

5. English Teaching

Believe it or not, you can work from home as an English tutor without much experience.

There are actually lots of websites like VIPkid and Preply that let you make around $20 per hour or more just by teaching kids English via video chat.

And, many of these sites let you work whenever you want and provide you all the templates or lesson plans you need.

6. Microtasking

Another great work-at-home job you can do as a beginner is microtasking.

If you aren't familiar with microtasking, it is basically a virtual assembly line where many sites like Clickworker and Amazon Mechanical Turk let people post small jobs that usually contribute to some kind of larger project.

These small jobs can be done by lots of independent contractors instead of having one team or group of employees do it all.

Here are some of the tasks you might do:

  • Image tagging
  • Categorization of data
  • Research
  • Data entry
  • App testing

Many of the microtasking sites out there have dozens of different jobs you can do without experience or special schooling.

7. Moderation

Another thing you might consider doing if you're new to working from home is be a moderator.

Moderators basically just make sure people are following rules, answer questions, and occasionally ban people in online communities.

These jobs could have you working on a forum, social media, Reddit, etc.

You can get these types of jobs at Liveworld, Keywords Studios and ModSquad.

8. Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is usually not the type of job you would do at home, but Call Center QA actually gives you that option.

With mystery shopping at home, you can just call different businesses, ask their customer service different questions that are predetermined by the company you're working for and then fill out the answers.

Normally, you would have to go in a store, check out the layout of the store, prices, customer service, etc.

With sites like Call Center QA, you can do all of this from home without experience.

You can also get paid around $5 per 10 minute call.

9. Subtitles

Whether you translating them or just typing what is being spoken in a video and making sure it comes up at the right time on the screen, subtitle work can be pretty easy.

At sites like Rev, you can get paid up to $3 per audio minute to do this kind of work and get paid weekly via PayPal.

You also can pick your jobs and work when you want from just about anywhere in the world.

10. Voice Writing

Voice writing may not be a type of job you've heard of before.

In fact, I've been covering online jobs and work from home opportunities for years and this was the first time I had heard of it.

What you do with voice writing is basically watch a live stream and respeak what someone is saying into a subtitling software that displays the words on the screen.

This gives people who are hearing impaired or are watching on mute the chance to watch a live stream without needing to hear the words.

The only place I've seen offer this work is at 3Play Media.

Here, estimates for pay are around $20-$30/hour.

7 Easiest Work-From-Home Jobs for Beginners

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    • wendy denise brown

      I’m try to find work that I can do from home I’m disabled but I see a lot of job ad’s but no one seems to be hiring I’m looking for data input into the computer, or ad processing, email posting I love to type I’m a bit rusty but I’ll catch up with my typing speed I just got Internet yesterday so I could look for work It’s starting to look like most of the job postings are scams and I want to work so bad can you help me find a job.

    • michael comeaux

      can you help me i have a powerful pc and type 30 wpm and hihg speed internet.Im looking for sometyhing for begginers

    • lavinell m washington

      I’m looking for a work opportunity that doesn’t require a lot of detail and doesn’t require me to type fast I have a laptop and a desktop with dual monitors high-speed internet I’m hard-wired and have a headset

    • debbie daline Henson

      looking for something for just starting out. I am retiring from my job here and looking for something to make a bit of money learn something new. looking for a stay at home employment. Part time.

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