Here are some of the easiest YouTube channel ideas you can do without using your voice or doing any kind of talking:

Motivational Channel

If you want to make money from a motivational channel, you'll first have to find good sources for speeches, quotes, etc.

The end goal is to make popular videos like you see with Motivation Madness or Evan Carmichael without having to actually be in the videos yourself.

You can try a site like for copyright free speeches and other motivational files or even just make a compilation of short clips that you find online.

Here's an example of how Motivation Madness videos look:

And here's an example of an Evan Carmichael video:

Digital Voice Channel

Another option for creating a YouTube channel where you don't have to talk is by using a digital voice combined with social media content.

For instance, there are more and more channels popping up that have content from Reddit that is being read by a digital voice.

Sir Reddit is an example of this with over 200,000 subscribers:

This channel just uses Reddit's r/AskReddit for topics and posts the questions and top responses as visuals.

You can do this with a screen recorder software like Camtasia or Screncast-O-Matic.

Then, for the audio, they just copy the text from the Reddit posts, paste them in a digital voice reader like Natural Reader, save the file and use a video editor to put it all together.

What an easy way to get hundreds of thousands of subscribers without even being in your own videos!

Nature/Sleep Channel

Another kind of channel that is becoming popular is sleep/ambient noise channels.

These channels have videos that typically last around 8 hours because they are full of relaxing noises that help people sleep, work, relax, etc.

What's crazy about these channels is how little effort they probably require while making thousands of dollars per month.

Plus, because these videos aren't designed to be watched intently for long periods of time, but rather be played in the background, you can just have a static image as the visual.

For the audio, all you have to do is find copyright-free nature sounds.

You can find these by recording sounds at your home, finding some online at site like, or even getting them from video games.

Here's an example of what these videos are like:

Check out channels like Relaxing White Noise and Sleep & Relaxation for more examples.

Music-Only Channel

You could also do a music-only channel.

Whether you create your own music, use copyright-free music, or do something else, you can just use that as you audio while having lots of options for visuals.

For example, there's the Bart Stoop channel that used to make instrumental music with a static image as the visual:


And then of course, you have the compilation channel.

There are countless successful compilation channels where people have no idea who runs them because they're never in the videos.

You can do compilations of gaming clips, Tik Toks, interviews, sports highlights, etc.

You can use the audio from the clips or even just the visuals while adding copyright-free music over them.

Or, you could do the opposite.

You could have compilations of audio from interviews or something and have stock footage as the visual.

Either way can work, but you'll have to watch out for copyright strikes.

For example, People are Awesome is a channel that does compilations of people doing sports, stunts and other active things:

You don't need to be in your videos

In conclusion, you can see by the examples above that you don't have to actually be seen on camera or talking to make great YouTube videos.

5 Easiest YouTube Channel Ideas Without Using Your Voice

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