In this video, I'm going to explain some of the data I've gathered on the Animal Farm Pig Pen which is defined as “the Animal Farm's governance staking pool which allows AFP holders to secure a shared ownership of the Animal Farm platform.

This includes BUSD & PIGS dividends generated from deposit/withdrawal fees from Farms & Pools, taxes applied to DOGS transactions, yield earned on lending and Piggy Bank fees. Votes on roadmap proposals is also based on Pig Pen share.”

The Data (W/O Compounding):

Here is some data I gathered without compounding my stake in the Pig Pen.

Obviously, compounding will increase your returns even more and I will be sure to calculate that for a future video update.

Here are the non-compounding numbers I gathered for my stake of 2.12 Pigs in the Pig Pen at a PIGS price of $118.38 over a 6 day period:

  • $2.53 BUSD earned
  • 0.004516754519 PIGS
  • Average of $0.42 daily BUSD
  • Average of 0.0007522700101 daily PIGS
  • $0.20 daily BUSD/PIGS in Pig Pen
  • 0.0003548443444 daily PIGS/PIG in Pig Pen
  • $0.04 daily PIGS value earned
  • $0.24 daily total value for each PIG in Pig Pen
  • 491.1582872 days to ROI without compounding
  • 134.56% without compounding
  • 0.37% daily return without compounding

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