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It is Day 4 of the 3 C's Training Series and you're in for a treat with one. If you saw my previous 3 videos, you learned how to set the right foundation for your business, create traffic, capture leads and now you get to learn how to convert sales. You can have all the traffic and leads that you want, but if you can't convert them to sales, you will end having to get a job because your business will fail.

Convert Sales Through Email

To convert a high percentage of sales through emailing, you need to create a relationship and a trust between you and your leads. If you just bulk email everyone all the time through nothing but autoresponder messages, you won't get a very high conversion rate.

When they opt in to become a lead, welcome them in the first email and you could even give them some kind of free software or training for them to get value from right away. You also want to make a video introducing yourself to them where they can see your face and hear your voice. This will help them relate more to you if you talk about your story and it will build more of a trust for them to know who the person is behind the emails.

Email them daily and use the 80/20 rule. Provide them live emails that you typed up that day and reference them to current events or days, so they know you aren't just sending them emails through an automatic tool. Your content in your emails should be 80% value and 20% call to action.

If you just pitch them all the time and spam them for the sale, they will lose respect for you and just unsubscribe. You may even send them a link to a blog post or video instead of putting all the value in email form because many people don't like long emails.

Model Others, But Don't Copy

Another good trick for getting good at following up with leads is by becoming a lead on successful peoples' lists. That way you can receive the same emails that make them millions of dollars and learn how to structure and model your emails like theirs to get better conversions in your business.

Be Accessible

People these days that get the highest conversion rates are the ones that are more accessible as well as personal with their leads. At the bottom of your emails or messages to leads, put a picture of yourself, your names, and some kind of contact information. Two specific guys that I have studied that make a lot of money in this industry without big leads lists tend to put their phone number at the bottom of their emails so that people can call them if they are interested.

This is called a warm lead when people call you instead of you having to call them. If you're pretty decent and understand what to say to the lead when they call you, you can get about an 85% conversion rate on those people which would make a huge difference in any business. Always put your email at the bottom as well.


Facebook is a great tool for your business because over a billion people have profile on their and their are so many communication options. Create a business page, add prospects as friends, post inspiring quotes or funny pictures or even direct message them on their to build a relationship that is personal and just between you and them. Make it about them though, not about you or the company.

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Tailor It To The Lead

To get the best results, make sure and don't just tell them all the same thing and not even get to know their situation. Have them email you their situation and goals for buying from you or to even fill out a business plan so that you can know exactly where they're at and recommend what is best for them and not what is just going to make you the most money.

If all you care about is what makes you the most money, you be broke because no one will buy from you and your conversion rate will be horrible. You cannot recommend a $3,000 product to perosn who only has $100 as their budget for products. Make it about them, meet their needs and solve their problems.

Reputation / Brand Building

Build an honest business brand and have a good reputation for doing what is best for your prospects. Always put out fresh value in the form of content (blogs, videos, audios, etc.) that is of high quality to build a large following of people that love you and relate to you (think Tony Robbins).

If you do this, it'll make your job so much easier because people will be seeking you out to buy from you, just because they know of you and respect you. That is also how you get more upsells because people don't spend a lot of money with people they don't trust.

Now that you know how to master the 3 C's of online marketing for any business, it is time for you to take action and apply it. Set yourself up for the best chance to be successful.

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