In this video, you will learn about 9 YouTube channel ideas to make money without a camera.

If you don’t want to have to get ready and record yourself every time you do a video, there are still plenty of great videos you can do.

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Here are some YouTube channel ideas you should consider if you want to stay away from the camera:



1. Gaming channel

A gaming channel would allow you to play your favorite video games and get paid to do it without even being on camera.

Helpful resources:

  • An example of a popular gaming channel is TheRadBrad.
  • This article has tutorials for how to record gameplay on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac.



2. Online product or service review channel

These can actually make the most money per 1,000 views because companies love advertising on review and comparison videos since they attract potential customers.

Helpful resources:



3. Compilation channel

A compilation channel has a lot of potential because you can take pieces of videos and combine them in an entertaining, inspiring, or informational way. Just be careful with copyright.

Helpful resources:

  • People Are Awesome is an example of a channel that is built on compilations.
  • To avoid copyright problems, consider having a page on your website for voluntary video submission like this.



4. Online tutorial channel

Tutorial channels are becoming extremely popular on YouTube because they show people how to do things in a way that is hard to duplicate with just words types on a page.

Helpful resources:



5. Animation channel

Animation allows you to create incredible stories, comedy, and other forms of entertainment without having yourself or actors on screen. If you are artistic, you can get millions of views with these channels.

Helpful resources:

  • For an animation channel, check out OneyNG to see an example of someone who’s been successful with one.
  • You may want to use Photoshop or another more animation-specific tool for creating your characters.



6. Turn presentations into videos

Presentations are used in a lot of places like business meetings, speaking engagements (like TED Talks), and more. You can actually repurpose them into YouTube videos for your channel.

Helpful resources:

  • Google Slides is my go-to presentation service if you want to venture into using presentations as videos.
  • Here’s an example of someone who used a slideshow presentation for a TED Talk and then repurposed it.



7. Music channel without video footage

If you have your own original music (you’ll have all kinds of copyright strikes and demonetization if it isn’t original), then you might consider posting it on YouTube. Instead of a full music video, use your album cover, picture of the band, or something else as the visual.

Helpful resources:

  • The Bart Stoop channel is an example of how you can do original music videos on YouTube without using any actual footage.



8. Photography channel

If you sell photography, you might want to promote it on your YouTube channel and throw some nice music in the background. Compilations of photos tend to work well.

Helpful resources:

  • Here’s an example of a photography compilation video if you want to promote your stock photography.



9. Podcast promotion channel

You may not have seen someone do this before yet, but some podcasters actually promote their episodes on YouTube on top of Stitcher, iTunes, and the other platforms. Tim Ferriss does this with the Tim Ferriss Show.

Helpful resources:


Tools I use for non-camera video creation:




You don’t have to act like a celebrity to have a successful YouTube channel. All you need is a couple of quality tools and a proven YouTube channel idea like on the ones on this list.

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