In this video, you will learn about a site that pays you $20/hr to work at home without experience.

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What you do:

You will simply help students learn English online through personal coaching sessions on Skype. Each session lasts about 30 minutes.



You must be at least 16 years of age to register as a SameSpeak teacher. English must also be your first language.

Also, you will need to wait to be verified. SameSpeak asks that you don’t contact them about verification because the time it takes can vary based on the amount of work and teaching staff.


What you’re given:

You are given instructions, sample lessons, etc. for teaching.


Other things you’ll need:

A free Skype account will be needed for computer-to-computer calling. You will also need computer with high speed broadband access, and a headset with a microphone.

And, of course, you will need a PayPal account to get paid.

This Site Pays You $20/hr to Work at Home Without Experience



Each half hour session pays you $10. So, you earn $20 per hour. Also, you will be paid via PayPal once you have earned at least $100. Payment usually arrives in your PayPal account within 3-5 days.





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