Here are 7 medical transcription job websites that let you work from home.

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Here, you can get transcription jobs of all sorts (including medical), even as a beginner. The faster you can work while maintaining quality, the more work you receive. More details:

  • Paid every two weeks
  • Must be a native English speaker and U.S. resident




  • Work full or part-time from home
  • Work day or night
  • Must have medical transcription experience and pass a test



  • Need one year of recent medical transcription work experience or recent graduation in a certified program.


Eight Crossing

  • You’ll need about 2 years of medical transcription experience or certification in an approved program.



  • You’ll be an independent contractor.
  • You must fill out an online pre-qualification form and submit your resume.
  • You’ll need to pass a typing test as well as a medical language and terminology test.



If you want to work from home doing medical transcription for Mediscribes, you’ll need:

  • 3+ years of acute care editing/transcription experience.
  • You’ll also work as an independent contractor.


Lifemark Health Group

  • This is a Canadian company that also has work-from-home medical transcription jobs available on occasion.



7 medical transcription job websites that are work from home

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    • Ramesh

      I am residing in India and want to get an online medical transcription job, working at home. I am a modern medicine doctor having MBBS degree and have done a one year advanced MT course. Maybe due to my depressive illness I am not getting any MT jobs. M Modal in India is giving jobs to high school children.
      I would like to know which MT company would be interested in hiring me.

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