In this video, I will show you a step-by-step process to go through when trying to make money from dropshipping online.

Dropshipping is a great home based business option that can make a lot of money with very little maintenance if done correctly because you never even have to handle the products or shipping yourself.

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Here are the processes and resources I recommend for making money from a dropshipping business:


1. Make sure you have a business entity

Having an LLC or Corporation tax structure is extremely beneficial and will help protect your from whatever liability comes with your dropshipping business.

Helpful resources:



2. Find a good supplier

There are many great suppliers, but you may want to go with one in the same country as you (or where the majority of your customers are) to help with faster shipping.

Helpful resources:



3. Research products extensively

Find products that you could mark significantly while still being very competitive.

Helpful resources:



4. Go after the right potential buyers

Buyers who are either hobbyists, businesses, or repeat buyers are who you should target.



5. Sell stuff that ships free from supplier

Free shipping is almost a must when it comes to maximizing your profit from dropshipping.

Helpful resources:

  • Amazon Prime
  • Walmart with free 2 day shipping on orders $35+


6. Find the best place to sell online for your situation

This will all depend on how much you want to get your own traffic and what you’re willing to give up to eCommerce websites to sell with them.

Helpful resources:


7. Use cash back, rewards cards, etc. if possible

These can help you increase your margins by 5-10% potentially.

Helpful resources:



8. Make your offer better than competition by far

One way to get more sales as well as happy customers is to give away information like how-to guides, tutorials, ebooks, and bonuses along with your products. Don’t forget to make your sales pages better too.



9. Automate as much as possible and supply good support

You don’t want to do dropshipping if you have to work day and night. Also, for the few people that need customer support, make sure they have a good experience.

Helpful resources:



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