In this video, I'm going to show you how to sell physical books and ebooks on Amazon Kindle without investment.

I'll show you some of the best strategies for ranking books, publishing, selling, and getting reviews for them.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Here is the step-by-step process I will cover for Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon:



1. Get a KDP account

It's completely free to sign up and this is where you will publish books.

Helpful resources:


2. Find a good niche you could rank in

Find a niche (preferably nonfiction) that goes after people who have a specific need that they really need to fill.

Helpful resources:


3. Keyword research

Go for less competition and lots of monthly searches to help increase the likelihood of being the top book in search results.

Helpful resources:


4. Make the title more compelling than competition

Make your book title jump out at them and make them almost have to click it because it sounds so good.

Helpful resources:



5. Get a professional book cover

Either do the book cover yourself if you're artistic or outsource it.

Helpful resources:


6. Write a 15 page book at minimum

You don't need to write a novel until you've tested out the market for the subject. Don't make it a crummy first version either though.

Helpful resources:

7. Format everything correctly

If you want to market other books and include links, make the book an .epub file type.

Helpful resources:


8. Publish with proper settings

Make sure you go for categories you can rank in, write a description that is well thought out, and have a good pen name for the niche your book covers. Start the price very low ($0.99).

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9. Get reviews and market it

Reviews are what really rank your book on Amazon. Don't ever buy reviews or get friends and family to do them though. Amazon has cracked down on those strategies.

Helpful resources:


10. Increase price after first 10 or so reviews

After you are ranking your book in the top 3 or so results, raise the price to $2.99 or whatever you think the book is worth so it will start making some money.

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    2 replies to "How to Sell Books on Amazon Kindle for Free 2017"

    • Lene

      Thank you Justin for your very interessting and through video about publishing books on Amazon. It’s very inspiring and helpful. I have not written a book yet, but I have thought about it, and now it seems possible to do that.

    • Cyndi

      Thank you, Justin,

      for all the wonderful information. I’ve learned much about publishing.


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