Here are the 10 types of work-from-home jobs with the least competition and where to find them.

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1. Sales

You can find sales jobs all over the place that have less competition than data entry, entertainment writing, or something like that.

Look for a job like an Account Executive at a site like Zendesk (a customer support company).

2. Computer/IT

Another type of work-from-home job that has A LOT of openings and less competition is Computer/IT-related jobs.

When it comes to these, just look for any remote job that has the word “engineer” in the title and it'll probably be what you're looking for.

Check a site like Concentrix (a business services company) for jobs like these.

3. Medical/Healthcare

If you have more of a medical background, you could check for remote jobs a site like UnitedHealth (a for-profit manager healthcare company).

They usually have a lot of openings.


You could also try getting a job in the pharmaceutical industry if you want to work at home.

Try looking at a site like CVS Health (the healthcare company that owns CVS Pharmacy, CVS Caremark, and Aetna).

5. Bilingual

When it comes to having a skill that is in-demand for today's online jobs, being bilingual is high on the list for many companies.

For instance, you can usually find lots of bilingual customer service jobs at a site like Wayfair (an online home goods store).

6. Marketing

When it comes to work-from-home jobs with the term “marketing” in the title, chances are, there isn't as much competition as you might think for them.

Check out a site like Animalz (a content marketing services company) for these jobs as well as A LOT of benefits.

7. Math/Economics

If you're good at math and have a background in that, you might look for sites that have a job like a Data Analyst available.

One good place to check would be Zapier (a web-based service for integrating web apps).

8. Business Development

Business development is another category of online jobs that seems to have less competition than many others.

You might look for a position like a Web Strategist at a site like 10up (a website and tool creation service).

9. Internet/Ecommerce

This, of course, is a category that is very similar to computer/IT work. There can be a lot of different jobs that involve these categories.

One job to look for would be a Software Engineer at a site like GitHub (a software development platform).

10. Social Work

Last but not least, we have social work as another category of low-competition online jobs.

You might look for something involving care management at a site like Humana (a for-profit health insurance company).

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