There are a few work from home job sites with thousands of listings that have WAY TOO MANY scams pretending to be legit jobs.

I actually don't hate this site.

It does have a lot of legit work from home jobs for people.

The problem is that you also see scams on here from people trying to collect people's information.

Even with the $299 listing fee, people seem to think it is worth it to pay the money and collect people's information, probably to scam or hack their accounts.

Google Jobs

Say what you want, but I actual like a lot of the things Google has done over the years.

I love YouTube, Google search, Chrome, Android, Google Play, Google Home, Adsense, Adwords, Google Drive, etc.

The problem I have is with their job listings.

What's the issue?

There are a TON of scams on there from illegitimate job sites and shady people pretending to post on behalf of real companies.

What to look for:

  • Is the application button to the company's website or an email, Google form, etc.?
  • Does the company have a legit website that looks real? Does it have an updated copyright disclosure at the bottom, a legit product or service they offer, etc.?
  • Does the job description have a lot of grammar mistakes?
  • Is there any structure to the listing? Does it have sections like: what you'll do, about the company, qualifications, benefits, etc.?
  • Is there something off about the logo? I saw someone impersonate Microsoft one and the logo looked off and low-quality.
  • Is there an absurd amount of applicants without the job being taken down?
  • Can you find the same job listing on the careers page of that company's website?
  • Does the pay seem too good to be true? I've seen data entry jobs that say they pay like $50/hour. It's ridiculous.
  • Does the company have a Glassdoor or Indeed page with reviews from employees? Are the ratings good, if so?
  • If the company is in the US, do they have a Better Business Bureau page? Do they have a good rating?
  • For Google jobs, have you ever heard of the source of the job listing?

Watch the video for examples and a visual of what to watch out for:

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