If you're pretty good at writing or even just at creating tutorials, you can get paid $150 or more via PayPal for each piece that you get published at these websites:

1. Real Python

At Real Python, you can earn up to $300 per in-depth tutorial that you get published.

This website pays you for tutorials related to Python (the coding language), web development, data science, and more.

Your tutorials need to be at least 1,500 words long and they want you to be an experienced developer.

2. Great Escape Publishing

At Great Escape Publishing, you can get paid $150 per article via PayPal to write about traveling or getting paid to travel.

They love case studies, interviews, personal experiences, and articles of that nature.

Also, they prefer articles be around 300-600 words long.

3. Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a project management platform for software developers that also happens to pay up to $600 for articles by guest writers.

Here's a breakdown for how they pay you:

  • $350 for each blog post
  • $400 per how-to/tutorial post
  • $600 per post that includes working code examples

If you can do in-depth tutorials and guides related to software development that include working code examples, that's what will get you $600 per post.

4. Better Humans

If you know a lot about personal development, you might consider contributing blog post to Better Humans.

Better Humans is a Medium publication that pays you $500 per accepted article via PayPal.

They aren't into regular blog posts thought. They want more pieces containing your experiences and evidence-based research to back up claims.

Also, they love long content. Your submitted articles need to be at least 2,750 words long.

5. Scotch

At Scotch, you can get paid $150 per article related to web development topics.

They accept both blog posts and tutorials related to Javascript, Python, CSS, and much more.

As of early April, 2020, they aren't accepting new submissions. But, that's most likely because of the tough times that have come with the global pandemic, COVID-19.

Once things start getting back to normal again, they should be accepting new submissions.

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