Here are 10 websites that pay you to listen to music.


At Welocalize, you can make money by listening to and transcribing music. In other words, you just type out the lyrics of the song and submit them to get paid.

They give you $4 per transcribed song via a HyperWallet account.


At Genius, you can also get paid to transcribe music lyrics. You just need to be on the lookout for their Lyrics Associate job openings. You'll need to be 18 years of age or older, able to work with tight deadlines, and be good with spreadsheets.

Slice the Pie

SliceThePie lets you make money by listening to music and reviewing it. You get paid via PayPal after accumulating $10. Use referral code: U462C13E


HitPredictor lets you earn money by reviewing songs you listen to based on how much you like it. You can also refer people to earn even more money. You get paid via gift cards and other items.

Music XRay

Music XRay allows you to make money ($0.10 per song) listening to at least the first 30 seconds of a song. You get paid via PayPal once you earn $20.


UniqueRewards pays you to listen to an internet radio if you’re a resident of the US, UK, or Canada. Check back every 30 minutes to show them you’re still listening. You get paid via PayPal once you have $20.

Research FM pays you Amazon gift cards to give feedback on songs. You can use it on many different devices and it is open to people living around the world.


Earnably is another brand that is partnered with RadioLoyalty. They also offer additional ways to make money online.

Blogs like Pitchfork

Another way to make probably the most money from listening to music is by starting your own blog like Pitchfork. You do something similar to them and review music, break news, do top 10 lists of your favorite new albums, etc.

Then, you just monetize the blog with ads, merch, and other things.

Here's a tutorial on how to start a blog pretty easily.

Playlist Push

At Playlist Push, you basically get paid to be a curator of music using playlists. If you have some playlists with at least 400 followers on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer, you can apply to be a curator.

Once you become a curator on Playlist Push, you can get paid up to $12 per song via PayPal to let artists put their songs in your playlist.

10 websites that pay you money to listen to music

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