Do you want a large Facebook following? Do you want to get more engagement per post on your Facebook Page? Do you want to make more money for your business using Facebook?

If you said yes to any of these, you are about to have your mind BLOWN with Facebook marketing possibilities.

If you are ready to start dominating Facebook, you're about to get my top 20 Facebook marketing tips and tricks for 2015.



10 Facebook Marketing Tips And Tricks For 2015:


1.  Engage On Facebook As Your Page

Maybe you've heard of the Facebook strategy that involves leaving thoughtful comments on other posts, pages, groups, etc. People might notice what you say and agree with you and might even want to connect with you.

But, an even better way to do this is to interact on Facebook as your business page. To do this, all you have to do is log into Facebook and go to the top right corner where the arrow is. Then, click the dropdown and click “Use Facebook as: (Your business page)”.

facebook page

Now, you can follow other pages, leave comments, like, share, etc. as you business page. This helps you separate your personal profile and business on Facebook even better.

Plus, this will get you a lot more branding, traffic, likes and sales for your business. I recommend you go to your competitors' profiles and interact on them in a positive way to get more of their followers to notice your page.


2. Shout-Out For Shout-Out

You're never going to be the only one trying to improve a Facebook Page, get more likes, engagement, etc. Why not leverage relationships with other page owners to help each other out?

One of the greatest ways to get more likes for your business page is to reach out to other page owners and offer to give them a shout-out. In return, you request that they do the same for you.

This way, you encourage your fans to like their page and they do the same for you. You both get more likes and no one has to pay a single cent to do this.

But, you should not stop at just one shout-out deal. You should do as many as you can to get tens, if not hundreds of thousands of likes for you page without having to use ads.

Of course, you may need to use ads to get your first few thousand likes and increase engagement, so that more people will be willing to do these deals with you. You can't expect to go to someone with 10,000 likes while you have 100 and ask for this kind of deal. It wouldn't benefit them at all.

So, when you have a few thousand likes and at least a little bit of engagement, do some shout-out deals to increase page traffic and likes. See how Neil Patel used this strategy for a brand new blog.


3. Facebook Advertising Pixels

Wouldn't it be nice if you knew all about the visitors that come to your site? What if you knew their age bracket, education level, country, interests, etc.? Wouldn't it be easier to evaluate your business if you knew exactly who it was attracting?

Of course it would. These types of advanced analytics are extremely helpful when it comes to figuring out what your audience really wants and how you can help them.

Facebook happens to be one of the top two websites in the world in terms of traffic and also happens to tell you more about each person than just about any other site.

This makes it perfect for understanding audiences and traffic for better marketing. To track these kinds of analytics through Facebook from your website, you need to set up a Facebook advertising pixel.

All you do is make sure you have a Facebook account that is able to advertise, create the pixel and embed it in your website's code, so it can start tracking what kind of visitors you're getting.

Pretty cool, right? If you need help setting this up, Digital Marketer has a quick tutorial on doing that.


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4. Post At Odd Times

Have you ever noticed how a lot of people do the same stuff within the same time period everyday? In fact, between 8:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. ET is when the majority of posts are published on Facebook.

If you publish your posts during this time period, it may get seen or it may not. You are competing with thousands of other profiles and brands everyday if you post within this window of time.

So, why not post at non-peak times instead? Why not go against the norm and post at a time when people will be off work and aren't being bombarded by new news feed posts every 2 seconds?

Buffer tried it. They tried posting before and after this window of bombardment at 7:00 A.M. and 11:00 P.M. The results: a slight increase in engagement and a big boost when posting at 11:00 P.M.

They got 25% more clicks when posting at 11:00 P.M. as well as an increase in reach. So, if you want to get your post in front of more people, I recommend you post in the evening when your audience isn't getting news feed updates as frequently.

facebook posting analytics


5. Use Facebook Ads To Get Your First Few Thousand Likes

It can be hard to get Facebook likes organically when you are starting out with a brand new Facebook Page unless you already have a well-known brand.

If you don't already have big blog traffic, email lists, or social followings on other sites, you need to use some Facebook ads just to get going.

I know this might not be great news to you if you are starting out and don't have a big advertising budget, but trust me, Facebook ads aren't as expensive as you may think.

Each like on your page will only cost you a few cents. If you just make sure and target people that are interested in similar pages like yours, get at least a couple thousands likes from ads and then you can start doing more shout-out deals and other organic methods for getting likes for free.



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6. Use Your Blog And Social Profiles

If you have any kind of a following on other social media sites like Twitter or Pinterest, you can leverage those to get the word out about your page. If you have any traffic coming to a blog or website, you can also use that to get more likes.

If you want to install a Facebook Like Box on your blog or website, here's a plugin for that. You can also use other social media widgets that include multiple social profiles as well, like I do on Self Made Success.

You can also cross-promote your social profiles. You can share your Facebook Page posts on Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, etc. if you want to get more likes.

Use your all of your following to build up other profiles to maximize your traffic and get the most out of your marketing.


7. Use Your Facebook Page As Your Occupation

One of the biggest conversation-starters that we all hear constantly is “What do you do for a living?”. Facebook is no different. When you first become friends with people or they think about connecting with you, a lot of times people will first look at your profile and learn a little about you.

This is the perfect chance for you to get some extra Facebook Page branding by using it as your occupation on your personal profile. This way, when they look to see what you do, they will see your page, click on it and get to see all the cool stuff you post.

To set up your Facebook Page as your occupation on your profile, here's a tutorial on how to do it.


8. Use BuzzSumo

Different posts get different amounts of engagement. The more engagement you get, the more traffic and likes you can get. But, how do you increase engagement?

One of the best ways you can do this is by finding the most popular posts on social media and modeling after them. It's hard to come up with ideas from scratch every time you need to post content.

This is where BuzzSumo comes in. You just go to their website and type in the keywords that you want your content to be about. Then, they give you the top results of the most shared posts about that topic.

The total share will be on the right side of the results like this:

facebook marketing buzzsumo

This will give you a good idea about what people want to know the most about and what captures their attention, making them want to engage with content on social media.

Use this Facebook marketing trick to create higher quality content that you know people will want to share with the world.


9. Guest Author Branding

One of the absolute best ways for you to get more publicity for your brand is to write articles on other well-known sites in your niche.

For instance, if you are a marketing consultant that wants to get more business, you might try to contribute articles to Entrepreneur, Marketing Land, etc. to boost your credibility and get more brand visibility.

But, with every guest author post you do, you should get an author bio or author box. This is just a helpful little resource that tells readers more about who is writing and where to find more of their work.

This is the perfect place to put your Facebook Page. When you or a staff member of the site is creating your author profile for you, make sure you get a link in their that directs people to your Facebook Page, so they can like you and start getting your updates.


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10. Mix It Up

If you do the same thing everyday on your Facebook Page, your fans will notice and start getting bored with your brand. You definitely don't this to happen.

To avoid this, mix up your Facebook posts with images, videos, questions, quotes, blog posts, shared posts from other pages, etc.

Facebook video has really been on the rise the last year or so. When you upload your videos to Facebook and post them instead of just sharing a Youtube link, your post reach will skyrocket.

Another thing that gets a ton of engagement is when you ask a question to your fans. When questions are asked, people tend to do a lot of commenting and this can really help you better understand what your fans are interested in or what their problems are.

Images and quotes can get a lot of attention as well, but I've seen less and less post reach from them lately.

My advice is to just mix it up and test all the different post types you can do on your Facebook Page to see what works best for your brand.



Facebook is the #2 overall website in the entire world in traffic. It tells you more about your target market than just about every other website.

It's time you take advantage of these top Facebook marketing tips and tricks, so you can start capitalizing on the HUGE opportunity to get more social traffic and sales for your business.

What do you think is the most effective Facebook marketing trick?


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    17 replies to "Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tips And Tricks For 2015"

    • Sunday

      Hi Justin,
      The tips and tricks shared here are on track. Its important that the social marketer ensure that constant and consistent valuable engagement are made when rooting for Facebook campaign.

      Its good to know that tools like BuzzSumo can be used to access the best Facebook campaign.

      I will surely bookmark this post for future reference!
      I left the above comment in where this post was found!

      • Justin Bryant

        Glad you liked the post. Yes, BuzzSumo is definitely a useful tool for finding popular content.

    • metz

      Post At Odd Times – I have to be biased. I believe that posting in the right time will make your hard work more of use and you’ll be more prolific. As well, doing so means you are managing your time and know what to prioritize fist. Many bloggers have their time schedules and plan when to post.

      While posting at odd times, while looking at your graph, it’s effective too. Well Facebook has scheduled posts so we can still take advantage of this. It is also planning.

      It’s useful I must say, thanks for sharing this trick!

    • FreddyGandarilla

      Hi Justin!!

      Awesome tips to build up a Facebook Following!

      You gave some great tips! … I already knew about one of the first tips you gave – where you use Facebook as your Fan Page, and then be very active all over.

      This is an old strategy some call the Facebook Fan Page Sniper Strategy! haha … not sure why!

      That is what I do sometimes too. I use my Facebook as one of my Fan Page, then I go into other related fan pages and interact as much as possible.

      Great strategy, I must say!

      Thanks for sharing all this value on facebook marketing!

      Keep up the great work!

      Have a fantastic weekend! 😀

      • Justin Bryant

        Glad you liked it, Freddy. And yeah that strategy is very effective and some people don’t even realize they can do that. I personally don’t like taking business to my personal profile and I know others don’t either. Thanks for commenting!

    • Dennis Seymour

      Well, I guess each of us needs the power of Facebook.We all want a larger Facebook following and we want to get more engagement per post on your Facebook Page?This is why I feel like these marketing tips are of great help for me. Thanks for sharing this with us Justin. I also do make my Facebook page as one of my occupation on my social profiles like in Facebook.

      • Justin Bryant

        Facebook can give us a huge boost in traffic if we use it correctly. Of course, they don’t want people to leave their site much anymore, so we have to keep adapting to their algorithms. Thanks for the comment Dennis!

    • Ivan Bayross

      Hi Justin,

      You had me want a large FB following, after that I just had to read the Blog post to find out what you’ve recommended, because who does not want a large FB following?

      Your suggestion to interact on your competitors page in a positive way to catch their followers attention and get them to notice your page is pretty neat.

      Nothing like a curiosity, triggered by something positive, to drive focused site visitors to your site.

      In today’s commercial world, I think FB Ads are likely to get you more likes than Shout-Out for Shout-Out. My personal experience has been that once you deliver your Shout-Out 50% of the other forget or deliberately do not reciprocate.

      The Facebook advertising pixel works, but you’ve got to know how to interpret the data the FB offers in return.

      I’ve noticed that a lot of people add the pixel to their FB Ad, but for one reason or the other (often just not knowing what to do) do nothing beyond just adding the pixel. Loved your thoughtfulness in providing a link to an excellent tutorial by Ryan Deiss on how to use the FB advertising pixel. Thanks heaps for this.

      Posting at odd times when the bombardment of a social stream is at its lowest, is something I’ve not thought off. This is something I’m going to definitely try out to see what happens.

      Thanks so much for sharing this Justin. It added a lot of value to me and I enjoyed the read.

      I came to your site via a link on

      • Justin Bryant

        Hey Ivan, glad you liked the post. Thanks for your insight! I try to give everyone good strategies they can use, but some of them will vary for different businesses, so I also encourage you to test things like posting at odd times on social media. But, really, if you just think outside the box and do things a little different from the majority, you will put yourself in a good position to come out on top. I look forward to your future comments!

    • TK Rapp

      Hey Justin,
      So glad I typed a search for 2015 Facebook marketing ideas! This is exactly what I was looking for. I truly fail in self-promotion and overall FB interaction. I have some down time right now, so I’m going to try to implement some of these into a new routine and hopefully manage my time better so I can do what I love doing most.


      • Justin Bryant

        Glad I good help TK! I hope these strategies really make a difference for you

    • Michelle Barker

      Hi Justin, thank you for the tips! Getting the first 100 likes has just seemed to be the hardest, I have never heard of BuzzSumo but am going to give it a shot. Thanks again!

      • Justin Bryant

        Glad I could help, Michelle. I hope the tips help you reach your Facebook goals!

    • fauzy

      hello justin or anyone..i cant migrate my facebook profile to fanspage..can u help me???

    • Anderson Cooper

      Dear Justin,

      The tips and tricks you explained are awesome. In our Social Media Marketing strategy, we get positive results in Twitter as we tweet in the time between 1 PM and 3 PM.
      But most of our Facebook Marketing actions did not get much impressions. The trick you explained as PST AT ODD TIME is really fantastic. We are going to implement it. We hope that it will give more Positive Results for our Facebook Marketing Strategy.
      Thanks for this useful article.

      • Justin Bryant

        Hey Anderson, I’m glad you got some ideas from the post. Sometimes you have to think outside the box and do what no one else is doing. Hope you get some great results!

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